Kick Start Your Search Engine Optimization

Are you ready to learn a few tricks that will really kick start your search engine optimization? These aren’t black-hat tricks, don’t worry. They’re not even gray hat. They’re remain within the confines of what is acceptable by search engines and they’ll kick start your SEO at the same time. Everyone wants fast results and you’re about to learn five methods that will take any campaign from 0 to SEO optimized in no time flat.


Understanding The Motives Behind SEO

kick start your SEO and be competitive with a discountBefore you kick start your search engine optimization campaign, you should spend a few minutes thinking about your motivations, as well as the motivations behind the search engines and the individuals you’re attempting to target. A great way to stay competitive is to offer a discount on your service or products but there are many other ways as well.

Your Motivation: Of course you’re attempting to kick start your SEO. You want fast results and what does that mean? It means more traffic to your website, more attention towards your brand and more leads in your company’s database. You don’t just want these things, you want them quickly. This is going to require you getting to know the other two elements in our equation: the search engines and your target market.

Search Engines: Google, Bing, Ask – These are giant search engines that rely on everyday users to remain afloat. When a user conducts a search using Google, for example, the search engine has an obligation to provide targeted, high-value search results that pertain to the user’s search query. If the user searches for ‘buy dog food bowls’, Google wants to display a quality and trustworthy site that will allow the user to purchase the bowls he or she needs. What the search engines don’t want is to deliver subpar or, worse, SPAM-type websites that offer little in terms of information or value.

Target Audience: If you hope to kick start your search engine optimization campaign, you’re going to have to understand your target audience and what motivates them to search for you. The average user might have a problem that he or she needs solving, a problem that your product or service will help with nicely. Once you’ve identified that problem, start thinking of search engine optimization keyword phrases that the average user might search for in order to solve a problem, find your product or purchase your service.


Five Methods To Kick Start Your SEO

  1. Identify Your Competition: Once you’ve identified a few SEO keyword phrases, start searching for them in Google. Search for the phrases in quotes and begin clicking on the first few search results until you identify one, two or three competitors that are offering similar products and services. Even if you already know who your competition consists of, use the search engines to identify any that may have snuck under your radar.
  2. Kick Start Your SEO by Borrowing: Once you have your competitors’ sites open, start paying attention to the content on the site, how it’s laid out, the colors used and the navigation. While you’re looking the sites over, see if there are any elements you think you might be able to do better.
  3. On-Site Search Engine Optimization: Pay attention to the meta titles and descriptions that your competitors use. These are the snippets you see in Google. If you use WordPress, download a SEO plugin that will make implementing meta data simple and easy. Don’t copy the meta data, but try to make yours better, more enticing and more click-worthy for potential new leads.
  4. Off-Site SEO: Find all the ways your competitors are advertising. Do they have social media profiles? What about a blog? Create your own profiles and blog and ‘borrow’ the elements you like to make yours even better than theirs. If you happen to be borrowing blog titles, see if you can add any extra knowledge to their titles and make your titles and content even more informative, entertaining and share-worthy. Don’t feel guilty about doing any of this. Major companies borrow from each other all the time. Think Microsoft and Apple.
  5. Think Outside of the Box: You can kick start your white label SEO by piggy-backing off of your competition, but you must go above and beyond if you want to enjoy sustained and ever-increasing success. Think back to the motivations we discussed. Using the content, information and knowledge you borrow from your competition, think of how you can craft that content to appease the search engines and your target audience while delivering more traffic and leads to your business at the same time. This should be simple when you know your business and your target audience intimately. As for the search engines, keep your keywords targeted, use enticing meta data and sprinkle your keywords throughout your pages while keeping them natural-sounding.


These tips from Asia’s leading SEO agency in Singapore will kick start your search engine optimization, but you can’t piggy back on your competition forever. Once you see some success, and this should bring traffic fairly quickly as long as you’re willing to wait for the search engines to rank you, that’s when you’ll want to continue your success by creating more unique, high-value content. Go above and beyond and do things your competition can’t even imagine. Do that and you will manage to kick start your SEO and continue your success way into the future.

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