Common Sense Checklist For Online Marketing

Whether you’re writing an email, creating a landing page, building a website or posting on your favorite social network, you must ensure that you are online marketing correctly if you hope to make the most impact. With so much competition out there, you can’t afford to just wing-it. You need proven strategies that will draw your customers to you and force them to spend money, thus expanding your share of the market and your bottom line. The following online marketing checklist will help you keep your online marketing campaigns on-point, no matter who you might be marketing to.


Do You Know Who You’re Marketing To?

The first step in this online marketing checklist is to define your target audience. Online marketing becomes infinitely easier once you know who your target audience happens to be. It’s not enough to know that your target audience is men over forty who are going through a divorce and that have six-figure incomes. You need to know your audience’s hopes, fears and overall motivations. What makes the average person in your online marketing target group tick? Once you know the answer to that question, you’ll have an easier time writing copy and coming up with engaging design that your prospective customers will surely respond to.


What Problem Is Your Audience Facing?

Your product or service should seek to solve some sort of problem that your target audience is facing. If you have the latest acne cream, you’ll of course be looking for people who are suffering from acne. It’s not enough to just find people suffering from acne, you want people who are at their wit’s end and who will do anything for a solution to their most pressing problem.


Have You Used Online Marketing Pain-Points to Hook the Prospective Customer?

Once you know what type of problem your target market may be facing, use pain points to drive your, well, your point home. Pain points are statements that drudge of feelings of despair in your reader, viewer or otherwise prospective customer. For instance, if your prospect is suffering from acne, you might use pain points like spending too much money on acne products that don’t work, or the use of acne products that dry out your skin or that make the problem worse. You could even mention the pain that acne causes, whether physical or emotional in nature.

Don’t just mention the pain points, but describe them, make the prospect feel them so that he or she becomes hooked on your message.


Have You Adequately Conveyed The Benefits Of Your Offer?

Using this online marketing checklist, you know what problem your audience is facing and you’ve used pain points to hammer your point home. Now you need to give your audience hope that there’s a solution to their problems. No matter what your product or service happens to be, provide your audience with the primary benefits of choosing you over the competition.

If we stick to our acne example, we might ask our prospects to imagine looking in the mirror and seeing a fresher face, free of acne or scarring? Of course you’ll want to be realistic and truthful, but let your audience know that your product or service can finally relieve them of their grief that they’ve felt for so long.


Are You Using A Strong Call-To-Action?

Whether your prospects are reading an autoblasted email message or they’re reading your latest landing page, you’ll want to provide a strong call-to-action with all of your online marketing materials so that your prospects know exactly what to do.

Call now, click here, visit this page for the latest information – Tell your prospects what to do and you’ll get much better conversions.


Are You Capturing And Nurturing Your Leads?

The goal of this online marketing checklist (and the goal of all of your online marketing materials) is to collect more leads for your organization. For those leads that don’t buy right away, you should have a system in place to capture those leads so that you can pitch to them later. Email marketing is great for this, but there are other ways to capture your prospects’ contact information.

With all of your online marketing efforts, determine whether or not you are capturing a new lead or nurturing a current lead with your efforts. If you’re not doing either, you may want to return to the beginning of this online marketing checklist and check things through all over again.

With this online marketing checklist, your online marketing materials will be targeted and prepared to take on even the fiercest competitor. And if any of your competitors are merely winging their online marketing efforts, you’ll surely surpass them. While these checklist items may seem like common sense, sometimes it’s worth it to return to a little common-sense thinking just to make sure that no details are missed.

Use this online marketing checklist for all of your online marketing efforts and you should see a drastic improvement in conversions and overall business.

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