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You’ve decided that Pinterest is a good avenue to continue your online marketing efforts and you’re wondering how to navigate the site efficiently so that you get the most return on your time investment. That’s understandable, as Pinterest is fast becoming one of the most popular social networks in operation today. If you’re ready to pin it on Pinterest, simply go to the Pinterest home page and select the Join button.

Before you can pin it on Pinterest, you’ll have to login using your Facebook or Twitter accounts; or you can sign up using your email address.

When you’re finally at the Pinterest signup page, you will be asked to create a username and password. Keep in mind that your username will be your URL on Pinterest. For this reason, you might want to choose your business or brand name to avoid confusing your customers.

Next, you will be asked to follow five boards. Select the subject you’re interested in and then select a few Pinterest boards that interest you. It really doesn’t matter if they interest you right now. You’ll be able to select more boards after this step. When you’re finished, hit next and you’ll be off to create your own boards and Pinterest online presence.start your pin boards

Are you ready to pin it on Pinterest? The first step is to create your very own boards, which are essentially virtual bulletin boards that you will ‘pin’ photos and images to for all to see.


Creating Your First Pinterest Boards

When you create Pinterest boards, you hope that other Pinterest users will find them interesting. For that reason, choose your board names carefully. These names will also be indexed by Google, so if you choose enticing names, you’re bound to get lots of Pinterest action.


Spread The Word About Your New Pinterest Account

Once your Pinterest boards are set up, start posting links to your Pinterest account on your other social marketing profiles and on your website. You’ll want to draw lots of attention to your actions when you start attempting to pin it on Pinterest, and your current online marketing efforts are the perfect means to accomplish that very task.


start by pinning photosStart Pinning Images

Now is your chance to show your online marketing prospects what you’re truly about. Start searching for high-quality images in your niche that your Pinterest followers might find funny/interesting/intriguing/sad/thought-provoking or any other emotion. Your job as a Pinterest marketer is to fill your boards with only the best of the best photos and images. Here’s why.

When a visitor finds your board after you’ve been attempting to ‘pin it on Pinterest’, as it were, you want that visitor to stick around a while. You also want that visitor to share your Pinterest boards with others and re-pins. We can’t forget about the re-pins.

If you only have one high-quality photo amongst a group of mediocre ones, there’s no reason for the visitor to stay. Furthermore, there’s no reason to return again tomorrow.

If you always bring the heat, however, your Pinterest followers will visit again and again to see what you’ve pinned next.


The Pin It Button

When you install the Pin It button, you will be able to ‘pin it on Pinterest’ even from other websites, as long as there are photos and images to pin. Some sites work with this button and some don’t, but it’s just another way to spread the message on this popular social network and it’s a great way to gain more leads than you ever had before.

As long as you bring-it with the quality and you ensure that your Pinterest boards are always relevant to your brand, you’ll eventually meet your marketing goals.

Keep in mind that Pinterest is still young. The site just recently came out of invite-only status and it’s still growing. While the site has a primarily female-driven audience at the moment, that trend could change at any moment.

Keep an eye out for Pinterest updates and, most of all, study your competitors so that you’re never caught off guard by any changes to the platform or your target audience. With the Internet constantly changing, with the search engines releasing algorithm change after change, we never know what to expect. If you put these Pinterest tips into action and you put as much effort into it as your other online marketing efforts, you’ll be sure to come out ahead.

Now all you have to do is pin it on Pinterest. What photos or images will you choose? Whatever they are, they had better be good if you want more visitors to your board and, ultimately, your website.

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