Summer Updates? Issue A PSA

summer psa updatesHas anything newsworthy happened with your organization lately? If so, this is a great time to schedule your summer PSA. We only have a few months of sun and fun remaining, so the time to start planning your public service announcement is now. What updates would you like to announce? Furthermore, what tips and/or messages would you like to include with your PSA updates to benefit the community as a whole, as well as draw attention to your cause? To help make the planning stage easy, we’ve included a few tips to help you brainstorm for your upcoming summer PSA updates.


Summer PSA Planning – Safety First

Your summer PSA will really be a hit if you manage to provide one or more tips for families to have a safer time during their summer holidays. You might encourage people to wear sunscreen when heading outdoors or use an umbrella at the beach to protect from sun over-exposure as well as various types of skin cancer. Or you may provide first-aid tips or advice on how to administer CPR.

Of course you can always slip in the PSA updates that you wanted to discuss in the beginning, just make sure that your summer PSA is informative and entertaining for the reader/viewer/listener.


Travel Tips Will Also Fly

Those families in your community who may be traveling this summer will appreciate your PSA updates if you include travel safety or even comfort tips. Check travel websites or call a travel agent and see if you can glean some advice you can then dish out to your summer PSA audience.

Your advice may include tips on how to fly without developing soreness, how to prevent jetlag, or you might even offer to help your audience save money on summer travel, something most families could use help with.


relate to everyone with things like food and drink for yoru next summer PSAEating And Drinking – Everyone Can Relate

Everyone needs to eat and drink, so you might include information about these very activities along with your PSA updates. You might offer a handy lemonade recipe that is sure to cool down even the hottest of your audience members, or a recipe for a tasty frozen treat that’s both easy-to-make and refreshing.

You might offer advice to drink more water in order to prevent dehydration, or you might offer advice to wait 30 minutes after eating before trying to swim. These tips may seem like common sense, but they make for great summer public service announcements and they’re perfect for leading into the announcement of your PSA updates.


Make A Splash With Water Safety And Fun Tips

Your summer PSA can also include tips and advice for helping your audience stay safe while enjoying the pool or lake this season. Or you can include fun games they can play, or anything else that will improve a summer swimming outing.

You might combine some of the tips we’ve just mentioned, such as reminding your audience to apply sun screen after they’ve been in the water for an extended period of time. Whether your audience is planning on visiting the pool, lake, river or ocean, your PSA updates will help to make sure their time is well spent and that they always come back healthy and in one piece.


Planning Time Begins

always be planning your next PSAYou now have several ideas to help you plan your summer PSA. Choose the tips and advice that suits your needs and create a script that is both educational and entertaining. Don’t be afraid to include the creative input of your entire team.

When your script is complete, create a slide show, animation or just film yourself in front of a camera reading your script aloud. The more professional your summer PSA appears, the more impact your overall message will have.

When you have your public service announcement ready for publication, start distributing to online and offline media sources so that your audience can find it easily wherever they happen to be.

If it’s been some time since you last updated your public service announcements, it’s time to start planning your PSA updates that will blow all previous years’ entries out of the water. You now have several ideas to go off of. The only thing left to do is plan and rehearse, for your summer PSA audience is waiting.

If you have one or more PSA updates to announce, the perfect way to do it is through a summer PSA; but you’d better hurry. The summer only lasts for a few more precious months and your audience may be leaving on vacation any day now.

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