The Run Down Of Online Marketing

do your own marketing and don't spend a dimeWould you like to do your own online marketing? Think the prospect of taking a product or service and blasting your personal message across the Internet is daunting and overly complicated? Nonsense! The following will provide you with a brief rundown, which will help you do your own online marketing without all the stress and without having to pay a dime (unless you want to).


Finding The Benefits Of Your Offer

The first step when setting out to do your own online marketing is to really study your product or service. What benefits will your customers receive by choosing you over the competition? Will your customers become thinner, faster, more creative, smarter or will they be able to complete a task faster? Maybe your primary benefit is comfort or happiness. Maybe it’s money savings. Write all of your benefits down. Really try to put yourself in your customers’ shoes, even if you don’t have any customers yet. Try to envision someone using your product or service and come up with a list of benefits. You will be using these throughout your online marketing campaign efforts.


Where Does Your Audience Hang Out?

Next, you have to determine if there is an audience for your product or service; and if so, you have to determine where they hang out online. Are they on Facebook or a certain popular forum in your niche? When you find your prospects online, start paying attention to the conversations they’re having, to the questions they’re asking and to the online destinations they tend to visit. These are your prospective customers and by studying their motivations, common problems and behavior, you’ll be much more prepared to market to these individuals online.


Market Research In A Nutshell

You’re almost ready to do your own online marketing; but first, you have to conduct thorough research. Think of online marketing as a road trip. You’re trying to get from where you are right now, with little to no success in online marketing, to success, which can represent anything you want it to. Maybe you want to earn an online income and quit your day job. Whatever your goal happens to be, it must be planned out if you hope to get there efficiently and with few mistakes.

To conduct thorough market research, you must study your target audience, like we just mentioned, but you must also conduct thorough keyword research. Your audience is primarily going to find you via the search engines like Google. In order to make your online marketing efforts more visible in the search engines, you need to know what keywords to use in your marketing campaigns.

Keywords are the keyword terms your potential customers might use to find you in Google and the other search engines. If you’re selling pool equipment, for instance, you might choose ‘Pool Covers in Houston’ as one of your keywords.

In addition to keyword research, you should also study up on your competitors. See what’s working for them and try to take what they’re doing and make it better. That’s how you surpass any competition you may come across when engaged in online marketing.


Setting Up Your Online Marketing Home Base

set up your online marketing home baseNow is the time to set up your website that will act as your home base for all the Internet traffic you will soon be sending. We will get into methods on how to attract an online marketing audience in a second.

For now, you can either set up a WordPress or other content management system (CMS)-managed website that you host, or you can choose a free blog. It really doesn’t matter, as long as your contact or purchase information is readily available and you make it easy for your prospects to convert (buy from you).


Drive Targeted Traffic

Now you are ready to do your own online marketing. Start by publishing a blog in your company’s name. Make sure each post is timely, relevant and of the highest-quality. Each post you add will increase the listings you have in the search engines that prospective customers will use to find out. Keep the content coming and make sure it’s content your audience wants to read.

You can then engage in social marketing on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to drive even more online marketing traffic to your home base. Work on becoming part of the community. Talk to your prospects, answer their questions and share content that they might find interesting.

Just remember, when you do your own online marketing, you have to remain consistent. Make a series of processes you put into action daily, weekly and monthly and you’ll eventually reach the end of the road, your ultimate online marketing goal.

That is online marketing in a nutshell. To advance the above concept, we will attempt to capture any leads that didn’t buy from us the first time we sent them to our website. We’ll either capture their phone numbers or email addresses and then we’ll nurture those prospects over time until they buy and become repeat customers.

Now you are ready to do your own online marketing. The first step is to find the benefits of your offer. Really consider this point carefully, because you’ll be using your benefits to entice your audience to your website and all other online marketing elements throughout the entire process.

Keep up your efforts and you’ll eventually reach online marketing success.

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