Is Keyword Research Really That Important?

Google's New Search Based Keyword Tool
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I was asked a live question during my show about keyword research recently, specifically if it’s the best way to find a good niche, and if I use the keywords in articles. And it was a good question, so I wanted to put the clip of my reply on here for you.

Also in the video, I discussed using Google’s free search-based keyword tool when brainstorming niches. This tool can be found at

As a little disclaimer, something was a bit awry during the recording of the video, so there are a few places where the sound skips momentarily. But you’ll still understand what I’m saying and you’ll still be able to see how to use the Google keyword tool. So I felt it was definitely worth posting, despite any imperfections. Hope you agree.


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3 thoughts on “Is Keyword Research Really That Important?

  1. I think it would be neat to have a video where you start from scratch
    showing everything you do from research to how to build the site to marketing. I think that would be the biggest help to anyone. Show every detail such as why you choose a certain niche or keyword or why you should build the site this way or that way.

  2. You are spot on that Keyword research is absolutely essential and you introduce the tools well, but I think there is a lot more to the research than your post highlights. I tend to see a lot of the research as picking fights that you can win. For instance if you are going after a keyword term that has a million results and the top 50 of those results all have sites which have tens of thousands of backlinks pointing at them then this is a fight that is going to be difficult for you to get traffic without a lot of work. The term might produce lots of searches but it may not be a term that you can rank highly. I therefore think its important to look at terms that produce reasonable traffic that you can win. In that way getting 100 terms that produce low traffic can still produce better traffic than one term that produces high traffic but is fought over by a number of different agencies. I also think a lot of emphasis is placed on traffic volume when you should be thinking in terms of traffic quality. This is the basis of our overall digital marketing strategy which first looks to bring interested parties to a site, and then engage with them to build trust over time. We find this works for our clients very well.

  3. Thanks for all the useful information and training Bill. I can highly recommend checking out Business Inner Circle if you’re looking to increase your site’s traffic and your own knowledge of internet marketing and website promotion.

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