I Just Launched A New Viral Marketing WordPress Plugin

I just launched Contest Burner the Viral Marketing WordPress Plugin that enables anyone with a WordPress blog to run a viral contest on their website. It’s extremely easy to set up: Just upload the plugin, activate it & in under 10 minutes you’ll have your very own viral marketing campaign running on your site!

To demonstrate how it works: I’ve launched a brand new site using the plugin to run a viral contest with over $5,000 in cash & prizes. You can join the contest here: http://www.contestburner.com. Next week I’m giving out a sneak preview of the plugin to all the contestants. You’ll be able to download it & run the free version on your own blog.

The plugin integrates with Twitter and even lets you reward points for people Tweeting about your brand and linking to you on Twitter. I also have planned FaceBook & YouTube integration in a upgrade coming out very soon. So you’ll even be able to reward users for posting videos about you & talking about your site on FaceBook!

Check it out and let me know what you think. Drop me a comment over on the ContestBurner.com blog (you’ll get contest points for doing that too).

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