Breaking: New Google Search Results With Caffeine Update

Just a few hours ago Google’s Matt Cutts & the Google Webmaster Central blog announced a top secret project that they’ve been working on for the past 6 months or so. Now you can peak under the hood and see how this project impacts the real search results. I’m guessing this will be a future update rolled out to the public. Now’s the time for you to take a peak and see how your sites have been impacted.

You can see the live search results here:

So far, I’m noticing some keyword phrases that get a lot of activity in social media seem to be impacted. Other phrases that are not mentioned in social media much seem a little more stable & similar to the normal Google results.

You can read the official Google announcements on the Google Webmaster Central blog post about “Caffeine” and Matt Cutts “Caffeine Update” blog post. it’s not often that Google gives us a sneak peak into a future algorithm update.

Play around with the search results and let me know what changes you discover. Please drop me a comment on this post and share. It will help me reverse engineer what the real impact to SEO will be and I’ll share my findings with you.

One thought on “Breaking: New Google Search Results With Caffeine Update

  1. I don’t think Google really had a choice. Things are moving towards real time search and I think this might be their first step to really offer this in search results.

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