How To Turn Your Online Business Into A Mobile Marketing Campaign

Even if your online business is doing well, it could be doing a whole lot better with an effective mobile marketing campaign working for you. It’s not difficult to turn your online business mobile-friendly, it just takes know-how and consistency, but you’re used to that by now, right? Just like always, keep these tips handy and put them to use the next time you want to take your online business to the next level with an engaging and highly-effective mobile marketing campaign.


Mobile-Friendly Website

Your website might not cut it when it comes to people visiting with mobile phones and other mobile devices like tablets. Are people going to be able to navigate your website easily on tiny screens? What about buttons? Are your buttons large enough to press on a tiny screen or are they going to get jumbled together? These are things you need to consider if you’re going to create a mobile marketing campaign.

Use these tips to make mobile marketing web design a breeze.

  1. Short Paragraphs: Your visitors will thank you if you make the content on your mobile marketing site easier to read. Short, concise paragraphs with plenty of space in between will do nicely.
  2. Necessary Information: Make sure your website displays all the information a mobile device using visitor would look for while accessing your site on the go and make that information incredibly easy to access.
  3. Small Graphics: Smaller graphics won’t take eons to load. Plus, smaller graphics look better on the miniature screen.
  4. Calls-To-Action: Tell your mobile marketing prospects what you want them to do: click here, go there, buy now, etc.
  5. Powerful Mobile Marketing Platform: The platform you choose to host your mobile marketing campaign should be reliable and it should be able to detect the device the visitor is using so that the proper mobile site can be displayed.


Mobile Email Marketing

Most people use their phones to check their email these days. Use that to your advantage by integrating email marketing in with your mobile marketing campaign. The opt-in form on your mobile-friendly website should be easy to access and easy to fill out and submit.

Once you have subscribers’ contact information, you’ll want to optimize your emails so that they can be easily read on a mobile device. Even if some of your subscribers opted-in from a desktop or laptop computer, you should send all emails as if they are going to be accessed on a mobile device. You only get once chance to have your email opened and read, so make it count.

The following tips will help you optimize your emails for your mobile marketing campaigns:

  1. Single Column: It’s natural to want to send out multiple column HTML mobile marketing emails so that you fill them with as much content as possible. Single columns are much easier to read and the mobile user won’t have to maneuver all over the page in order to read all the content you’ve written.
  2. Fewer Graphics: If you are going to add graphics, make sure there is a good purpose for that graphic. Don’t just fill your emails with superfluous images that don’t contribute to your mobile marketing message.
  3. Calls-To-Action: You should have calls-to-action wherever you expect your subscribers to act. This should be consistent through your mobile marketing campaign.


SMS Text Messaging

Getting your emails read is so difficult when your subscribers’ inboxes are filled to the brims with potentially other mobile marketing messages just like yours. It’s far better to send a text message directly to your subscribers’ mobile phones.

A text message is far more intimate than an email and because of this you must tread carefully. It’s bad enough that people’s inboxes are filled with spam. No one wants spam sent to their phones via text. People do not give out their phone numbers like they do their email addresses. Again, texting is far more intimate. This means that your subscribers must expect to receive your texts if you hope to keep them as subscribers.

Here are a few tips that can put you ahead of the curve in the mobile marketing game.

  1. Find A Need: Your subscribers should have a deep desire for the content you’re offering. Find that need and leverage it to help you earn more subscribers for your mobile marketing campaign.
  2. Free Offer: Just as you probably do for your email marketing campaigns, offer a free e-report, a discount or anything else of value.
  3. Call-To-Action: You may have guessed this part already. Always end your mobile marketing campaigns with strong calls-to-action and you’ll earn far more conversions, sales and revenue in the long run.


Now you are ready to convert your online business into a mobile marketing campaign. Put these tips into action and be consistent and you’ll see success in no time.

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