How To Improve Your Conversion Rates

In the world of online marketing, your goal is conversion, plain and simple. Take away all the elements of online marketing, the search engine optimization, the keyword research, meta tags and alt tags and all the rest and what do you have? You have a potential customer that you are attempting to convert. Converting a prospect may mean different things depending on your ultimate goals. You may be attempting to convert buyers, subscribers or you may just be sending your customers through your sales funnel, but the end goal is the same. This is about conversion and if you want to get ahead in the online marketing game, you need to study exactly how conversions are done. The following tips should help you convert more prospects to bring you more success thanks to your online marketing efforts.


Targeted Traffic

The number one rule of online marketing conversion is to make sure you have the right audience. You could have the perfect landing page, perfect headline, sub-headline, body and call-to-action and you still won’t convert the customer that landed on your page quite by accident. To convert a customer, that customer has to want what you’re offering. This requires lots of market research.


Online Marketing Is About Solving Problems

If rule one of online marketing is to make sure you have the right audience, the second rule is to make sure that audience has a common problem for which they desperately want answers. This group of people, they should be staying up late at night in despair as they search the internet for any sign of hope. Of course that’s a slight dramatization, but you get the idea. The group you choose should have a common problem and you’re going to help them solve it.


Market Research

In order to increase your conversion rates, you need to find hot keywords that people in your niche are searching for. Get on the Google Adwords free keyword research tool and start engaging in search after search. You’re looking for keywords that enjoy lots of searches each month but that don’t have a lot of competition. Focus on keywords that have to do with a common problem that you can solve with your product or service.

For instance, some keywords that might stand out include “how to cure hair loss”, “how to get ex back after breakup”, or “how to increase conversions landing page.”

Once you have the keyword terms, get on social networks like Facebook and Twitter and hop on popular online forums in your niche. Find the frequently asked questions that everyone in your niche is wondering about. Once you have identified a common problem and you have the hot keywords everyone in your niche is searching for, you’ll be well on your way to increasing your conversion rates.


Engaging Headlines

Whether you are crafting an advertisement, a banner, an article, press release, video, autoresponder or e-report, if your titles fall flat you will not enjoy the conversion rates you’re hoping for. Your titles have to pull your readers in. Your titles should make it so that the moment people see them, they won’t be able to look away. They just can’t help themselves. They have to click-through.

The trick to crafting engaging titles is to try and focus on the prospects’ needs and desires. Again, it’s about solving their problems. If you can make your audience believe that by clicking-through on the title or continuing to read after the title will put them one step closer to solving their most pressing problem, you’ll be in a much better position to convert more of the audience that clicks-through.


Exceed Expectations

Your ad, video and article titles are engaging and your audience is clicking-through, reading and watching. Now what? Now you actually have to deliver. Give your audience the information they came for and always go above and beyond. Give your audience advice they’d never get anywhere else. Even if it’s the same information they can get elsewhere, position that information creatively so that the information is now completely unique. Use your imagination and over deliver on all of your marketing efforts and converting your audience will become much easier.


Clear Calls-To-Action

If you have done your job so far and your audience has kept up with you because you’ve over-delivered, now it’s time to get your audience to act. If you hope to convert more of your audience, you must command your audience to act and then you must tell them what to do. “Click Here”, “Go To,” “Buy,” “Subscribe,” or whatever else you’re trying to get your audience to do, make it clear what you expect and you’ll find your audience actually following your commands.

Following the above tips will yield you more conversions than you ever had before, as long as you keep testing and improving on what works. Just remember, online marketing is all about conversions. Put these tips into action and your conversion rates will surely jump through the roof.

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