How To Get People To Sign Up For Your Email Marketing List

stay in contact with email marketingMany businesses have discovered that email marketing is a terrific way to keep in contact with your primary customers and keep them loyal to your brand. Even leads that are on the fence can be nurtured and ultimately converted with the proper email marketing techniques. This guide will teach you how to build an email marketing list that you can use to ‘tickle’ your prospects and customers over time so that you remain on their minds at all times. Don’t think of email marketing as a lot of work. Many marketers stress out over all the emails they’re undoubtedly going to be expected to write. Instead, think of email marketing as a great opportunity to increase brand awareness, sales and repeat business. Before you can engage your audience, you need to build one. Here is how to do exactly that.


Regular Newsletter

A good way to build an email marketing list is to promise your subscribers that you will email them a newsletter at regular intervals, usually once a month. Most people understand that your newsletter will include news about your business, upcoming specials and current specials. If they are interested in your business, they will be interested in a newsletter, especially if you promise to include certain types of content. For example, let your audience know that your newsletter will include special discounts every month and you’ll get far more names and email address than if you just mention a plain old boring newsletter.


Contest Offers

Holding a contest is another great way to build an email marketing list. Post the rules of your contest clearly on your website or on a dedicated landing page and start sending traffic to the page. If your prize is worthy of attention and if you send enough targeted traffic, you’ll be able to sit back and watch your email marketing subscriber list grow.


Free eReport Or Whitepaper

giving away something for free is like a giftThis is a very popular technique that is used by businesses large and small. By including a tip-filled report or a highly-researched whitepaper on your site or on a dedicated landing page, you are essentially offering something of value in exchange for the person’s contact information. You’re bribing them, in other words.

While offering your email marketing subscribers a regular newsletter and the chance to win a prize in a contest are also bribes, ereports and whitepapers can be even more effective because they include information the person has been dying to get their hands on.

Most ereports and whitepapers that are used to build an email marketing list include never-before-seen tricks and secrets or information that can only be found in that report or whitepaper. In other words, the information is coveted and that makes this technique incredibly effective for any email marketer who wants to grow their list.

As long as the research is sound and you’re able to convey tips, tricks, hints or ideas that are unique to your industry and your audience, you are bound to succeed at your list-building goals.

Another thing to consider is that offering a highly-researched report or whitepaper, or even a contest or newsletter, can get others to talk about your business and the great content that you’re putting out. This word-of-mouth advertising can send even more traffic to your site or landing pages, ultimately helping you build an email marketing list that’s even longer than before.


Video Series Of Webinar

Another unique idea that you can use to make your marketing list more substantial is to offer videos that are hosted on your own server or on YouTube. For better results, you’ll want to self-host them so that the videos can’t be found anywhere else. You want your email subscribers to know that they are receiving exclusive content and that the only way to see it is to open and read your emails.

Or, you can build an email marketing list to help fill your upcoming webinar with targeted audience members. Tell your subscribers that they will receive free admission to your upcoming webinar, or maybe send them a video of your webinar if you already held it.

These are just a few ideas that you can use to expand your email marketing list to even greater proportions. As long as you offer valuable content and you are sincere in your efforts, your subscribers will flock to you in droves. It might not happen right away, as in you might have to wait for your traffic techniques and word-of-mouth to take effect, but put these tips into action and you’ll see that building a healthy email marketing list isn’t that difficult after all.

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