Effective Ways To Improve Your Cost Per Action Campaign

bring in more leads which lead to more conversions which equals more salesA cost per action campaign is a great way to add an extra income stream to your business, as long as you employ the right strategies to be successful. The following tips will help you improve your CPA campaign so that you are bringing in more leads, more conversions and far more revenue. The first step to improve your cost per action campaign is to choose the best networks, which will ultimately lead to you being exposed to the very best offers.


Have You Applied To The Best CPA Networks?

The best way to improve your CPA campaign is to stock it with the highest-performing and most lucrative offers. If you’ve only applied to one or two networks, you may not have access to the highest-converting and must lucrative CPA campaign offers.

Broaden your horizons and sign up for as many cost per action campaign networks as possible so that you always have the best CPA offers right at your fingertips. Then, use the search functions many of those CPA campaign sites employ and start finding better and more improved offers for your campaign.


Highest Converting Offers

When searching for offers to add to your cost per action campaign, choose the ones that you yourself would respond to. Click-through to the offer page so that you view first-hand what your prospective customers will see. You should examine the quality of the graphics, the content and the length of time it takes to respond to or act on the offer at hand.

For example, if you find a CPA campaign offer that dazzles you with its graphics and copy but it involves an opt-in form that is five pages long, you might want to skip that particular offer. Only choose offers that have great graphics, excellent copy and that take only a moment to respond to. Those are the highest-converting offers and they’ll bring you the most money in the long run.


Research The Offers

When you find an offer that you think might be perfect for your CPA campaign, use Google or your favorite search engine to find competitors who may be using those same offers for their own CPA campaigns. This can give you some great ideas that you can use to market the offers on your own sites.

For example, you might borrow graphic design ideas or copy ideas and you may even learn specific strategies for helping certain offers convert. Pay attention, never stop spying on the competitors and you’ll eventually learn more than a few things that can help you improve your CPA campaign.


Paid Advertising

If you think the offers that you’re using are fine and that all of your problems have to do with the small amounts of traffic you’ve been driving to your Cost-Per-Action campaign, you may want to give paid online advertising a try. Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and other platforms are great ways to get more people flowing to your cost per action campaign offers, which usually results in far more revenue.

Conduct thorough keyword research and come up with some ad phrases that will really entice prospects to visit your CPA campaign offers. Google Adwords specifically allows you to create unlimited ad groups. You can choose a separate ad group per offer and you can populate those ad groups with dozens or more ads that are highly-targeted for your marketing audience.

Another great thing about Adwords is that you retain complete control over your ads and budget. By setting daily limits, for example, you can have your budget work for you over time until you’re ready to ramp it up for an even more improved CPA campaign.


Landing Pages

Most CPA offers will require you to set up your own landing pages and sometimes entire websites where you can then send traffic that you hope will convert. These landing pages should be specific to one offer and one CPA campaign offer only. In other words, sometimes it pays not to give your cost per action campaign audience a whole lot of choices.

If you are sending traffic to your landing page via pay per click advertising, for instance, you should ensure that your landing page matches whatever was said in the ad. If your ad reads, “Improve your golf swing with this one secret used by Tiger Woods!” then your landing page should mention all three of those things: Golf swings, the one secret technique and Tiger Woods. If you leave any of those parts out, your audience may get confused and your conversions will suffer.

Now, if your landing page features a photo of Tiger Woods presumably using this ‘one technique’ then you might have a highly-converting CPA campaign offer.

As you can see, there is much to do when you want to improve your CPA campaign. You need to inspect every element of the cost per action supply chain, from the network, to the offer, to the traffic source to the landing page and ultimately to the offer, you have to make sure that every aspect of your chain is optimized if you hope to one day achieve top earner status.

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