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eBook marketing has always been a popular marketing platform, and rightly so. Marketers that learn how to market an eBook are finding an even wider marketing audience and they’re able to establish themselves as the go-to person in their field at the same time. You can’t just publish your eBook online and expect the prospects and hopeful readers to come flowing in. You must follow the proper steps involved when marketing and eBook, and those steps are what you’re about to learn right now.


eBook Marketing Requires An Engaging Cover And Title

The first step when learning how to market an eBook is coming up with an eye-catching cover. You don’t need a fancy design. Many eBook marketers just use lettering as their covers, such as their title and maybe a subtitle. Use your imagination and get help to design a cover if you don’t know how.

When it comes to the title of your eBook marketing offer, try to include the category of the eBook and the benefits of reading all in as few words as possible. For example, if your eBook is about how to market by eBook, you might have a title that reads, “eBook Marketing 101: From Idea to Self-Published to Success!” Right there your prospects know what they’re bound to get out of the offer if they buy. And buy they will when your eBook marketing campaign is in full force. In order to make that happen, once you have a cover and title, you’re going to self-publish your information on one or more popular eBook marketing platforms, one of them being Amazon.


Ebook Marketing Basics Infographic


Self-Publishing Your eBook Marketing Offer

Amazon is the world’s largest eBook marketing platform so that’s where you should start when learning how to market an eBook. Use Amazon’s powerful internal search engine and find other books in your same category. Really pay attention to the best-sellers or those that have high four or five-star ratings. Pay attention to the titles the descriptions and the ways those descriptions are written. At the same time, see if you can identify any keywords the eBook marketer may be using to draw attention to the eBook being sold. Use these and form your own Amazon eBook marketing campaign.

The process for self-publishing on Amazon is incredibly simple and Amazon walks you through the entire process. Even if you get stuck, Amazon offers great customer support. Use the information you gleaned from competing eBook marketing offers and fill in all the required information. Don’t leave any blank spaces. Once your offer is live, you’ll want to move onto the next step in learning how to market by eBook and that’s to set up your own eBook marketing landing page.


Setting Up Your eBook Marketing Domain

You’ve already done a good job of coming up with an engaging title; so use that title as your domain name. If you have trouble purchasing it, include your company name in with the URL. Try to shorten it down so it’s not too long. Use a little creativity to come up with an engaging URL that will make people want to click when reading.

Once your domain is live (you’ll need to purchase hosting service if you don’t already have it), install WordPress (or similar content management system (CMS). WordPress makes it easy to come up with several landing pages that you can use for A/B testing later on.

For right now, create a basic landing page for your eBook including your eBook marketing offer, cover, title, description and a link to the Amazon page. This way, when people come to the landing page, they’ll be able to click-through right to Amazon where they can purchase with one-click purchasing (if they have that service enabled).

Of course, you can set up a shopping cart on your own site to handle the sales. That way you don’t have to share anything with Amazon, but it’s far easier to use Amazon’s payment processing for the small fee it costs.


Email Marketing To Capture eBook Marketing Prospects

The process of learning how to market by eBook is so that you can replicate the process over and over. When you get good at writing and marketing your own eBooks, you’ll want to keep your previous buyers’ contact information handy to notify them when your new publications come out. This can be done very effectively with email marketing.

Choose an email marketing platform like Mail Chimp or AWeber and set up an opt-in box right on your landing page. Let your potential subscribers know that by signing up they will be the first to know about future eBook marketing offers. And to further incentivize the deal, you’ll want to come up with a free offer to give to subscribers in exchange for their contact information. The free offer may be a snippet of your next eBook marketing offer, it may be additional tips and tricks for solving some goal, or it may be another eBook. Once you gather up enough email addresses, you’ll have a healthy list that consists of your own private audience that, now that you’re familiar with marketing an eBook, you can contact anytime you have a new publication that’s fit for purchase.


Paid Search Marketing Can Boost Your eBook Marketing Efforts

Use Google Adwords or another paid online advertising platform to drive traffic to your eBook marketing offer. Remember, all of your customers should route through your opt-in box before they buy. Maybe offer them a discount on your eBook marketing offer to give them even more incentive to shell out their hard-earned money. Use paid marketing and keep your budget low. Have patience, but if you’ve done everything correctly and you’ve learned how to market an eBook, your investment should pay off.

Do not stop at Amazon. I just used Amazon as an example. There’s also Kobo and quite a few other popular eBook marketing platforms out there. Amazon is the biggest, however, and it’s the most popular; so start there. Now that you know how to market an eBook and you see just how easy it is, you can recreate the process over and over until your message and your links spread far and wide just as intended.

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