Google Adsense Updates For 2013

With all the changes happening at Google lately, many webmasters and marketers are left wondering what sorts of Google Adsense updates we might be seeing this year. Google Adsense is becoming increasingly popular as more and more companies begin to discover it for its advertising potential. We took a look at Google’s advertising platforms to see if we could identify any upcoming changes. The following are some Google Adsense updates you’ll definitely want to keep your eye on.

The Application Process

Max Cohen, Google Adsense Product Manager, recently announced that there would be changes to the platform’s application process this year. It appears that this and a few other Google Adsense updates are designed to make the platform a little more selective and to improve the advertising network. According to Cohen, the changes to the application process are designed to protect advertisers and increase potential earnings for webmasters and publishers. Sounds good to us.

Google AdSense updates for 2013 to help stop SpamThe new Google Adsense application process helps the Google verify that advertisers and publishers are legit. This should cut down on the spammers and scammers, which can only mean good things for legitimate Adsense users.

While the new application process is the most apparent Google Adsense update, the other updates aren’t so apparent. All you can do as an advertiser or publisher is stay on the up-and-up. That means no spam, focus on the end user experience and make sure you pay attention to the Google Adsense user guidelines.


For Publishers Who Want to Stay Clear of Future Google Adsense Updates

These last Google Adsense updates are for publishers who want higher paying ads to show up more often.


High-Quality Content

Great content will never go out of style. Google likes content that readers actually want to read and share on social networks. Furthermore, Google likes content that answers many common search engine user questions. Keep your content relevant, publish it often and you will make more with the Adsense network in 2013.



Video is incredibly popular and there are sure to be a few Google Adsense updates that revolve around video marketing. By adding video to your websites, you allow YouTube to include ads for inclusion into a revenue sharing basis. Just having the video link back to your website will have it show up more prominently in the search results and you will have two chances to earn Adsense money on your site: one from ads and one from video ads.


Search for Ads by Image

You can now search for ads based on an image. If, for example, you want to look up a competitor’s logo, you can just search for that image and you’ll instantly be able to find other ads with that image included.


More Control Over Ads

A really handy Google Adsense update can be found under Site Management. There, you will find the ability to build a list of all of the sites that you own, where you can then customize the ad blocking settings for all those individual sites. You can allow and block, block general categories, identify sensitive categories and more.


Keep Up With Future Google Adsense Updates

You should make it a habit to brush up on the Adsense user guidelines every so often so that you’re never taken by surprise. For instance, currently it is against the rules to have more than three ad blocks on your site. If you have three ad blocks and you add a YouTube video with an ad block, you could be in violation. This is just one recent Google Adsense update that could get you penalized or banned if you’re not aware of it.

don't be at the end of Googles ban hammerKeep checking back to the user guidelines page and familiarize yourself with the content so that you don’t end up at the other end of Google’s ban hammer.


How to Proceed with Google Updates in 2013

The biggest thing to remember is that Google is constantly trying to weed out spam and improve the online experience for the search user. If you make sure that your ads or your sites that show those ads are of the highest quality and you pay attention to the user experience every step of the way, you will do fine no matter how many Google Adsense updates they send your way.

A legitimate advertiser or webmaster should never be scared of Google Adsense updates. The updates are designed to keep the bad people out so that we can all make more money the fair and honest way.

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