New Online Marketing Tips For A New Year

online sales will increase thye most this yearA new year is finally upon us and this year is going to be a make or break it year for many online marketing newcomers. This year more consumers are holding more devices, more are shopping from those devices and more money is being spent via electronic means than any other time in history. That’s great for online marketers who have their campaigns in order and who have checked to make sure they’re always bringing the goods. If you’re not up-to-speed, however, you could find your results and your campaigns falling by the wayside. What this means is that you can’t just eek by anymore when it comes to online marketing efforts. You can’t create a blog and expect to be rolling in dough by nightfall. Those days have come and gone. That’s not to say that online marketing is impossible in today’s advanced technological and consumer-savvy age, but it will take time, effort and know-how. The following online marketing tips will provide the know-how to help you rise to the top of the search engines this year. With economists expecting ecommerce to hit $1 Trillion this year, this is going to be a great year for online marketing and it just might be a great year for you, too.


How Can You Help?

Online marketing has transformed immensely in the past couple of years. You used to be able to create a static website, put a little content on it and, as long as you were able to achieve prominent search rankings, you could rake in the bucks.

These days you have to educate your audience, inform them and educate them. Your online marketing campaigns need to be personal, helpful and engaging. Your top-quality content should answer their most pressing questions and your copy should hail the benefits of subscribing or purchasing your latest item.

If you remember any online marketing updates, it’s to make sure your online marketing presence focuses on the user experience. Be there for your audience, guide them and form a relationship with them and you will succeed as we continue further into 2013.


Time to Jump on Social Marketing

If you haven’t been using social marketing up to this point, you need to start. The search engines are no longer relying on webmasters to tell them what’s hot, popular and most useful. They’ve been burned too badly in the past by black-hat online marketers and Spammers intent on making a buck with very little effort.

These days if you want to please the search engines, you need to show that your content is socially-friendly. Google is including photos, names and links to other content that it pulls from the author’s Google+ account right in the search results. Expect other search engines to follow and for social networks to become more prominent in all forms of marketing.

don't forget about your social networking campaigns this year eitherOther than appeasing the search engines, your visitors and prospects are going to want to know that your brand is socially popular before they buy from you. Online reviews, Facebook Likes, Twitter followers – these all represent social ‘proof’ that your company has been accepted by society, so to speak.

The Internet has gone social, but there’s a caveat. Don’t just make a profile and forget it. And don’t just send out boring links and copy. Engage your audience, be personal and be ‘social’. These online marketing updates all point to a more transparent and socially-conscious Internet and these trends are bound to continue into next year and beyond.


Mobile Marketing

Online marketing has gone mobile, there’s no two ways around it. With record sales of smartphones, tablet computers and other Internet-ready electronic devices, you have to assume that your customers are going to view your online marketing campaigns with a tiny screen at some point in time. Don’t just shrink your sites down, make them mobile-friendly.

Fewer buttons, fewer images, quick and to-the-point copy and few selections – that’s the name of the game when it comes to mobile marketing. Remember it, write it down and start transforming your sites so that even your mobile customers can enjoy in your online marketing experience.


Reach Out And Connect

As we move into February, March and beyond, think about ways you can seek out and connect with prospects, customers and like-minded people. You can’t hide behind a faceless website and expect to succeed with online marketing. You must put yourself out there, show your audience that you are a real person with real feelings and that you’re here to help them succeed.

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