Become A Master At Search Engine Marketing; Top Tricks, Tips And Ideas

Think you have what it takes to become a search engine master? You’re about to find out. With the following tricks, tips and ideas, you will have the know-how necessary to create income streams at will. Whether you are promoting a business, product, service or all of the above, you will finally understand how the search engines tick and how to manipulate the search engines results pages so that you or your clients rise to the top of the list every time. Before we get started, it is important to understand that knowing how to optimize listings for the search engines is one thing. Actually putting the know-how into action is quite another. If you’re not ambitious and you don’t feel like doing the work, you’d best stop here. In the quest to become a search engine master, you must be in it to win it. You can’t halfheartedly work towards search engine mastery. This is not for the weekend warrior nor the faint of heart. If you are ready to become a master at search engine marketing and you want to succeed where so many before you have failed, prepare to learn the tricks, tips and ideas that will deliver the success you crave.


Study The Search Engines

A search engine marketing master constantly studies the search engines, monitors their frequent changes and knows, to a degree, exactly what makes them tick. Nobody truly knows how the search algorithms work. By working off of trial and error and by studying knowledge databases like Google’s Webmaster Tools, the search engine masters know as much about search engines as they need to know to dominate the ranking results. This is the level of knowledge you must attain.

To better understand the search engines, you must get an idea of how they operate. Let’s say you publish a new website to the Internet. The search engines, like Google, must ‘crawl’ that website using automated bots in order to determine where to rank it in the search engine results pages (SERPs). These bots, or ‘spiders’ as Google calls them, search each page of the site in question to determine a set of factors. These include:

Relevance: Who is the website designed for? Why would anyone go to this site? Is it similar to any other sites currently online?

Authority: Are the site’s graphics, content and multimedia good quality or is it the same rehashed, recycled site and information found everywhere else online? Is the site useful and, most of all, would people recommend this site to others?

Popularity: Are people clicking the +1 button on the site’s listing? Is the site getting passed around on Facebook and Twitter? Are people linking to the site in articles, press releases and on other authority sites within the same niche?

These factors will tell the bots or spiders where to rank your site. This means you must spend time making sure you use relevant keywords so that you can tell the bots what your site is about. You must spend time making sure your artwork and content are top-notch and that you site is useful and valuable for each and every visitor. And most of all, you must ensure that you spread your websites and the individual pages on Facebook, Twitter and on other social networks. This is how the search engine marketing masters do it. And if they can’t do it themselves, they outsource it to others who can. It’s common for search engine marketing masters to outsource most of the work. They then put it together, put it into action and that’s why they get consistent number one rankings.


Slow And Organic

Whether you are writing new web pages, articles to help build back links or you’re sharing videos on Facebook, make sure you remember to build slowly. This means never do too much too soon. And stay away from automation. Anything that builds thousands of backlinks in a day or so is going to send a red flag to the search engines and your account will receive extra scrutiny. Instead, go slow and make your search engine optimization efforts appear slow and completely natural. This is going to require daily or weekly work, creating new web pages, writing articles and submitting them to online directories, writing press releases and sharing on social networks. If you make a pact to take action daily for ninety days, you’ll soon have a search engine marketing web that reaches far and wide across the Internet. This is how the search engine marketing masters get top rankings and that’s how you’re going to do it, too.


Never Stop Learning

The search engine master knows that the learning process is never finished or complete. You must study the search engines and take in any information they release. Google, in particular, offers Webmaster tools, which offers lessons, tips and tricks for increasing any business’s rankings. Use this to your advantage and keep a close eye for changes. You might also want to set a Google alert so that you get an email every time news of a new search engine change hits the web. Keep on top of your game and you’ll always be a search engine master.

Take action, keep it organic and make sure the search engines always see your marketing materials as relevant, authoritative and popular and you’ll be one of those rare individuals who can create an income stream on a mere whim.

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