Replace Your Current Job With An Online Income

As a society, we have become accustomed to the corporate mentality. You get up, go to work where you spend eight hours or more and then you come home and eat dinner before it’s off to bed to repeat the whole thing over again, except for a couple of days on the weekends on a few holidays here and there.  Wouldn’t it be nice to say, “No more!” so that you could stay home to pursue an online income? Imagine not having to get up at any particular time and imagine being able to work all day in your PJs if you want, all while earning in come via a computer and an internet connection. Imagine being able to go on vacation whenever you want or imagine being able to work from anywhere at all, all because you discovered and mastered the ways of making an income online. Think this is a pipe dream? It’s not. The following ways will have you earning an income before you know it so that you can slough off that old job and fund the pursuit of your dreams solely through your new and abundant online income.


Write A Book: Do you have specialized knowledge that you think others would benefit from? No longer do you have to pray that a publisher will pick your book up. You can now self-publish your book online in quite a few ways. You can build a sales or squeeze page for your offer and sell your book on ClickBank, where you can also have affiliates sell your book for a commission. Or you can publish the book for the Kindle, Nook or other e-Readers. You only have to do the work once and as long as you market your book effectively, you’ll make an income online.

Freelance: Are a writer, coder, designer, or do you have another specialized skill that others might like to hire you for? Online marketing companies are always looking for reliable people to write for them or to design their web pages or code entire websites. You may be able to join a national firm that is looking for a specialized skill just as yours. You can work from home or from anywhere for that matter and you can get paid via PayPal or other payment processing platform. This is a great way to earn an online income and the best part is that you only have to work when you want to.

Affiliate Marketing: You can come up with your own products and services and you can sell them in an effort to make an income online, or you can engage in affiliate marketing. With this type of marketing, your online income comes from the sales of other peoples’ products and services. You find an offer you like that pays a commission you can live with and then you market that product or service as if it were your own. You then get a commission for every item you sell. This is a great way to make an income online and you never have to make a product or service of your own if you don’t want to.

Site Flipping: House flippers buy fixer-upper opportunities, put some work into them and then sell those homes for a profit. It’s the same concept with site flipping. Sites like Flippa offer websites that you can buy and then cultivate until they start to make money. This money can come from Adsense revenue or maybe the site actually sells a book like one of the above examples, complete with rights to that book. Whatever it is, you can make a hefty online income at this as long as you can spot the good opportunities from those that aren’t so good.


There are many ways to make an income online. This is only a short list of the opportunities. And the truth is, as more technology becomes available to the average Internet user, more online income opportunities will abound.  Keep your eyes open for all new income opportunities and whichever opportunity you choose, remain consistent even when things aren’t looking so good and you will succeed. The ones who try and fail and then jump from one online income opportunity to the next are the ones that never end up going anywhere.

Go after what you want and pursue your efforts to make an income online. You’ll be happier and quite possibly richer because of your decision. You now have a decision to make. Will you write a book, sell someone else’s offer or will you buy and sell websites in the hopes of striking it big? Good luck and just know that making an online income is truly possible and there are men and women who live that reality every day.

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