2 Feb 2010 Forum Roundup

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Here is a clip from last week’s forum roundup. The forum roundup is where I answer questions live which were asked in the BusinessInnerCircle.com forums throughout the week. In this episode I answered the following questions from members:

1. What I think about pay-per-lead advertising.
2. Which emails to customers are spam and which are covered under “opt-in”.

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Watch the clip below to find out. And if you want your OWN questions answered, post them in the forum. Who knows? I might even answer it on my live show!

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Should You Integrate Feedburner and Aweber?

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A little while ago, Aweber announced their integration with Feedburner, which was quickly reported by problogger.net. Somehow, easywordpress knew about it even before aweber released it.

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Although this is a very cool change for Aweber, I don’t usually use Feedburner. This is because the rss feed it generates has all the links to posts as redirects. So if you show the Feedburner RSS button, any spiders that usually crawl and scrape the posts will send the link juice to the Feedburner redirect and not my site. Plus, displaying a Feedburner image showing “0 readers” for any length of time isn’t very encouraging.

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