Why Facebook Still Dominates The Social Marketing Network

There are many social networks out there but only one has captivated the attention of social marketers everywhere. Facebook –  it is to social networks what a lions is to the animal kingdom. It is on top and there it will stay until another social network comes and knocks it from its pinnacle position. Why is Facebook so popular with social marketers? The following eight reasons should shed some light on the subject. These reasons should also convince you to start your own social marketing on this ultra-popular social marketing network.


  1. Everyone Uses It: With nearly a billion active users, Facebook is on top of a reason. Teens, adults and even the elderly turn to Facebook to keep up with relatives, play their favorite games and keep on top of their favorite brands, products and services. Social marketing experts know that you must go where your audience is if you hope to succeed. Facebook users are abundant and as social marketing networks go, it’s pretty much a social marketer’s dream come true.
  2. So Versatile: With social marketing networks like Twitter, you can only use text and even that is limited. Sure, you can link photos, but you can’t post those photos in a thumbnail for all to see. With Facebook you can. Facebook is incredibly versatile as far as social marketing networks go. You can post text, photos and videos for your friends and followers to view. No matter your marketing message and no matter your vehicle, you can always share it with your Facebook social marketing fan base.
  3. Ease Of Use: A gorilla could probably figure out how to use this social marketing network to his advantage. The engineers behind Facebook have gone to painstaking lengths to make sure the site is always easy to use for even the most technologically inexperienced user. Social marketers just entering the game won’t have to spend hours trying to figure out Facebook’s social marketing network infrastructure, which is pretty amazing when you think about it.
  4. Constantly Evolving: Facebook is always changing. If you were to leave the social marketing network and then come back to it in a few months, you might not recognize it. The site is always changing, always getting better and that means that there’s always something new and exciting for social marketers.
  5. The Latest Technology: Developers have many choices when it comes to which social marketing networks to produce apps for. However, many developers are focusing solely on Facebook for their app endeavors. With so many users on Facebook, these developers know that social marketing experts are always going to be focused on those users, and great apps are always good for delivering marketing messages of any type. If you want to keep abreast of the latest social marketing technology, you’ll want to keep an eye on the latest Facebook apps being developed and used.
  6. Pressure On Investors To Perform: With Facebook’s latest public offering, investors are putting pressure on Facebook to create more avenues for ad revenue. This is great news for social marketers looking to make money from the social marketing network giant. Facebook will eventually find that sweet spot that allows marketers to target users with pinpoint accuracy, that much you can bet on. By using Facebook now for your social marketing campaigns, you’ll be in the right place, hopefully at the right time, to make big bucks using the Facebook ad network.
  7. Marketers Making Money: Right now someone is making money from Facebook as a social marketing practitioner. That spells great news for you. If someone’s doing it, that means you can do with a little know how and some elbow grease. Your job is to find out how those social marketers are making money and then emulate their success any way you can.
  8. Integrates Easily: Want to post your latest Facebook social marketing posts on your website? Facebook makes it easy. Want to post a list of your friends and followers on your Contact Us web page? No problem. Not only is Facebook extremely easy to use, but it’ll integrate with any website, allowing for more exposure and more potential Facebook social marketing network connections.


It should now be quite clear why Facebook is on top as far as social marketing networks are concerned. If you’re not on Facebook as a social marketer, you can bet that your competitors are. The longer you hold off from the site, the harder it’s going to be to gain any social marketing traction when you finally do get started. Create a Facebook business page now and start on the path to making money with this ever-expanding social network. Just like other social marketers before you, it’s a good bet that you’ll “Like” it just fine once you get started.

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