Tweak Your Mobile Marketing Campaigns for New Braille Smart Phones

tweak your mobile marketing campaignAs an online marketer, you should always be looking for ways to tweak your campaigns as new technologies are released and as new techniques are developed. This is especially true for your mobile marketing campaigns as we are on the verge of a mobile marketing revolution. Mobile is set to overtake regular computing by 2015 and you can remain on the cusp of innovation by attempting to tweak your mobile marketing campaign according to the latest breakthroughs. One of these breakthroughs that is set to hit stores next year is the Braille smartphone. If you want to keep in the good graces of your customers, particularly those customers that are visually impaired, you may want to begin thinking about a Braille mobile marketing campaign.


The New Braille Smart Phone

So that you know exactly how to tweak your mobile marketing campaign, let’s take a look at the new Braille smartphone to see what you may be up against. The new phone is the brainchild of an Indian-based startup called Kriyate and it works by using repressible Braille display.

The new smartphone will use a grid of pins instead of a screen. These pins will move up and down so that the user can touch them and read the information being conveyed, say in a text message or in an email.

If you want to tweak your mobile marketing campaign to target the visually impaired, you’re going to have to start thinking about Braille and how you can effectively use the language to spread your marketing message.


Mobile Marketing Campaign Options

Targeting the visually impaired via Braille is going to require you to construct text-only ads and messages that cut out the fluff and that don’t leave a whole lot to interpretation. You can’t use images to get your messages across, not with these types of smartphones. In order to tweak your mobile marketing campaign for the visually impaired, you’re going to have to learn to write precision-targeted campaigns that get right to the heart of the matter in as few words as possible.

Actually, that’s what you should be doing anyway. You shouldn’t be relying on your images to get your messages across, but they help. You should be using your words, targeted words, words without a lot of fluff and that tell your audience exactly what you can do for them and exactly what you expect of them.

If you can do that with regular ads online, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to recreate those ads for a visually impaired audience. And if you get used to writing targeted ads, you’ll be able to tweak your mobile marketing campaign no matter what new technologies or techniques are released.


The Visually Impaired Smartphone Train – Tweak Your Mobile Marketing Campaign Accordingly

the visually impaired smart phoneKriyate isn’t the only company targeting the visually impaired. Qualcomm is also coming out with their “RAY” smartphone that offers calls, texts, navigation and more with vocal readouts.

Android even released an app last year helps the visually impaired see their phones better by making fonts larger and by issuing voice commands.

While these technologies are still new, we are bound to see more just like them in the coming months and years. As an online marketer, you should never stop attempting to tweak your mobile marketing campaign. Keep up with the latest updates in mobile technology and keep an eye on the experts and your competitors who may be tweaking their mobile marketing campaigns as we speak.

While it may have been fashionable to keep a supplemental mobile marketing campaign a few years ago, today it’s a necessity to have a mobile campaign to spread your message far and wide. With more smartphones in use and with more mobile devices coming out all the time, you can’t afford to be left behind.

While Braille smartphones are still just an idea, they may hit store shelves soon. You may want to think about how you’re going to tweak your mobile marketing campaign when they finally do come out. Then, when other technologies and techniques are released and hailed as the next best thing, you’ll always be one step ahead, as all of your mobile marketing campaigns will be altered according to what’s working and what’s bound to be working next.

The visually impaired should be able to smartphones, too, and if you play your cards right and tweak your mobile marketing campaign accordingly, those visually impaired individuals may also be able to read your ads and marketing messages all in Braille.

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