TrueView Is YouTube’s Next Biggest Hit

With hundreds of millions of users from all walks of life, it’s easy to see why advertisers would be interested in YouTube. Now, advertisers can target video watchers with several different ad formats with TrueView. TrueView for YouTube allows you to advertise with video ads that you only have to pay for when a user wants to watch. That means you don’t have to pay for useless or random impressions like you do on other advertising platforms. If you’ve used Adwords, you’ll love TrueView. Let’s see what else you can do with this dynamic and lucrative video advertising platform.


What Sets TrueView For YouTube Apart?

When a person watches a video or searches for a particular video on YouTube and is exposed to an ad via TrueView, the person gets to choose when and how to watch the ad. And this works across all devices. This means that your audience gets to watch the ads that they find interesting and they can easily skip the ones they don’t find interesting. Isn’t that the way ads should work? Finally, YouTube and Google are figuring it out. Let’s hope this trend continues across the Internet. Until then, TrueView by YouTube will pave the way.

Not only is TrueView convenient, but you also know that all the traffic you gain from TrueView by YouTube is targeted. What other ad platform do you know that can promise only targeted traffic?


Easier To Budget

As an advertiser, you only have to pay for TrueView ads when viewers watch them. TrueView by YouTube also has an auction-based system that allows you to control your budget based on how your ads perform. As an added bonus, you’ll get increased YouTube video counts and some advertisers are experiencing TrueView click-through rates of up to 4%!

The fact that you are guaranteed to earn targeted traffic and the fact that you can keep your budget low far more simply just might make TrueView by YouTube one of the best advertising platforms online.


Track Your Performance

YouTube Analytics allows you to remain up-to-date with how your ads are performing and which ones are outperforming all the others. You can then tweak your video marketing campaigns for even greater view counts and success.


Adwords For Video

YouTube and Google have made it easy to buy ads with Adwords for Video and you’ll immediately have access to all the tools you’ll need to create and manage video ads.


 Re-Engage Viewers

With TrueView, you can build a cookie list of all the people who have viewed your videos. You can then use that list to have targeted ads show up for those very customers. And get this. Those customers will see those ads whether they’re on YouTube or the Google Display Network.


Four Ad Formats

When you sign up with TrueView for YouTube, you will immediately have access to four different advertising formats. These include in-search ads, in-display ads, in-stream and in-slate. Let’s look at each one so that you can determine the best TrueView ad types for your video marketing campaigns.

In-Search Ads: With this format, viewers will see your video ad above or next to YouTube’s search results. As an advertiser, you only pay for in-search ads when viewers click on the video ad and begin watching.

In-Display: With this type of video ad format, viewers will see your video ad when they watch videos on YouTube. You will only pay when viewers click on the video and begin watching.

In-Stream Ads: With this TrueView ad format, the video ad plays for five seconds before viewers can choose to skip it or watch the rest.

In-Slate: Before the video starts, TrueView for YouTube will ask viewers if they want to see an ad from one of three different advertisers, or they can watch video ads during regularly scheduled breaks while the video plays.

TrueView for YouTube is incredibly easy to use, it’s easy to keep your budget low and you have four different ways to target your audience with ads that you hope they will find interesting or exciting. Play around with various ad formats and see which ones your audience best responds to. And keep an eye on the competition. There’s nothing wrong with taking your competitors’ video ads and making them even better. And all the while, pay attention to YouTube Analytics. With enough TrueView advertising and regular tweaks based on ad performance, you’ll find out just how lucrative TrueView for YouTube can be.

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