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If you want to maximize your earnings as an affiliate marketer, you should always have a list of the top affiliate networks on hand. This is your pool with which to draw from when one income stream or affiliate offer runs dry. By having several networks to work from, you will never run out of offers and your income streams will continue to produce year after year. The following networks are reliable, they have some of the best offers online, they pay consistently and they will help you earn big if you are an ambitious affiliate marketer who’s hungry for success.


We felt it only fitting to put ClickBank at the pinnacle of our top affiliate netoworks list. Considered the largest and most popular online marketplace for digital goods, ClickBank is where you want to go if you want an easy way to earn big as an affiliate marketer. It’s user friendly, there are products of every type in every niche you can imagine and it’s easy to get started, especially if you are a complete noob. Make sure you research all products before you start promoting them, as some ClickBank products are better than others.

ClickBank pays every two weeks, once you hit your earning beginners and earning threshold and commissions are consistently 50% or more.


DigitalRiver: OneNetworkDirect

If you are looking for one of the top affiliate networks revolving around technology related products, you’ve found it with OneNetworkDirect. Here you can find products by Microsoft, Avast, Roxio, McAfee and nVidia, just to name a few. The commissions aren’t so hot on this affiliate network, but they are good compared to other similar marketplaces.


Commission Junction

Otherwise known as ‘CJ’, Commission Junction is a highly-regarded affiliate network that is used by millions of marketers the world over. Like ClickBank, you can find offers in nearly any niche. You will need to apply to some offers, but this network is reliable and the opportunity is there for high earnings. Plenty of affiliates have done it before you. Certainly you can follow in their footsteps with all the tools CJ provides. This is why it is on the list as one of the top affiliate networks online.



If software and mobile apps are more your speed, you’ll enjoy promoting on the Plimus affiliate network. Here you’ll find games, PC tools, anti-virus utilities and much more. The commissions are quite high on this network, as you can imagine, and most of the products come with a free trial. This means your affiliate customers can take the product for a test drive before they buy. You can imagine why most would consider this one of the top network affiliates. The products and services practically sell themselves.

One downside to Plimus is that, unlike other affiliate networks, there is no affiliate section where sellers can provide help to affiliate marketers. On ClickBank, for instance, it’s common for vendors to provide affiliates with banners, articles, press releases and other marketing materials that can be used to increase sales. Plimus doesn’t offer any of that, so you will have to be extra creative to earn those higher commission paychecks.



Considered one of the largest marketplaces online for products ranging from batteries to books to toys to furniture or anything else you can imagine, Amazon is the place to go online when you’re looking for deals and convenience. It’s also one of the top affiliate networks.

As an affiliate with Amazon, you get to advertise millions of products, you earn up to 10% in advertising fees and it’s free to join. With the busy holiday shopping season coming up, this would be a great time to jump on board Amazon’s affiliate network.



This is a great affiliate network for those who are looking for Internet marketing and SEO related products and services. You not only earn commissions when you sell webmaster tools, SEO products, WordPress themes and more, but you also earn when you send more leads to the Share-A-Sale affiliate network. With so many ways to earn, you can see why we chose SAL as one of our top affiliate networks.


Google Affiliate Network

Most people have no idea that Google has an affiliate network. If you’re looking for blogging, SEO or anything Internet marketing related, you won’t find much on the Google affiliate network. For the products and services you do find, the marketing materials and help you’re given are top-notch. You will find link generators, data feeds, banners and more. The reporting and tracking feature is also phenomenon, which you would expect from one of the top affiliate networks like Google.

One other reason to choose the Google affiliate network is because it is also integrated with Google Adsense. This means that you have two chances to earn: once with your affiliate products and once with Adsense. In fact, if you already have an Adsense account, chances are you already have an account with the Google affiliate network.



If you’ve spent any time on Pinterest lately, you may have heard of SkimLinks. This is Pinterest’s solution to monetizing its site. Basically, the affiliate network converts any product or merchant link to its equivalent link. Your customers have no idea they are clicking on an affiliate link and for all they know they are going to the product or service page, just as affiliate marketing should be.

This is definitely one of the top affiliate networks to try out if you are new to the game and you’re looking for creative way to earn with affiliate marketing.

These are just a few of the top affiliate networks online. Once you apply to the various networks, it is up to you to choose viable offers and then to promote those offers to the best of your ability. Just having access to these affiliate networks isn’t enough. It’s what you do with the offers once your access is granted that makes all the difference in the world.

Start applying to these top affiliate networks, use the marketing materials and any help you are provided with and promote your products and services with the enthusiasm of someone who has just found the next best thing. Congratulations, you are now playing with the big dogs on some of the top affiliate networks online. Hopefully, you’ll soon start earning like them, too.

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