Boosting Your Online Business Revenue Online With Google AdSense

Are you looking for ways to boost your revenue and expand your online marketing portfolio? One of the easiest ways to expand your income streams and boost your online income is to get started with Google AdSense. By placing AdSense ads on your website and various online marketing materials, you stand a chance to rake in big bucks, but only if you know how to place those ads correctly. The following will help you earn more without all the effort using one of Google’s primary money making platforms.


Google AdSense Beginners

Boosting your revenue with Google AdSense should be easy if your websites or blogs are earning thousands of visitors daily. What happens, then, when you’re just starting out? To receive your first paycheck from Google, you are going to have to break a $100 minimum. This may be an uphill battle at first, but once you get the hang of it you’ll see that earning $100 is really nothing at all.

Obviously, you need a website and/or blog to get started with Google AdSense in order to boost your revenue. Once you place ads on your site, you will earn money each time someone clicks on those ads. The money you earn will vary, depending on the ad, region and a number of other factors. In order to earn the maximum amount of money possible, you need to learn the tools of the trade from the experts.


Expert Tips for Boosting Your Revenue

If you want to boost your online income with Google AdSense, you must think like an expert. That means you must:

Know Where to Place Your Ads: The experts suggest that you place your ads on the sidebars or after your content, as that’s usually where people will first notice them. Do not place your ads on the bottom of the website, which is statistically the last place people click when it comes to Google AdSense.

Understand the Ideal Ad Format: Most experts recommend the large rectangle (336X280), as this format seems to earn the highest click-through rates.

Create a Custom Palette: Make your Google AdSense ads match your website and the background as best you can. Your text colors, borders and everything should match so that your ads look identical to the rest of your web content. This is a great trick to boost your revenue, as visitors won’t know they’re clicking AdSense ads.

The idea is blend your ads with everything else you publish. Then watch the big bucks start rolling in.


Extra Tips to Boost Your Revenue

There are other ways to make money with Google AdSense besides using your website and blog. Using certain online tools, you can effectively expand your reach with your AdSense ads, thus boosting your revenue even further:

RSS Feeds: You might already use RSS feeds for your blog content. With Google AdSense, you can include your ads with each RSS feed you transmit. Each time you publish a new blog, you’ll then have double the chances to receive new ad clicks from each reader that subscribes.

AdSense Sharing Platforms: Certain platforms like HubPages, Xomba and Squidoo allow you to earn Google AdSense revenue with each post or lens you make.

Google Custom Search: If your website is fairly expansive, you should consider installing a custom internal search engine on your site. Each time a visitor uses the search engine, you will make money each time that visitor clicks on the contextual ads that show up beside the search results.

YouTube Ads: It’s easy to create videos these days, with mobile video cameras and free online video editors, and it’s also easy to place Google AdSense ads on those videos. The more views your videos get, the more money you’ll earn from the ads you place. If you can manage to make a video go viral, you just might boost your revenue significantly. Many video marketers are making money with YouTube videos as you read this. Wouldn’t you like to join them?

With these expert tips, you should be able to break that $100 benchmark quite easily and in just a few months, or even shorter. The trick is to get traffic to your site/blog, to make sure your Google AdSense ads blend with your site and you should also use other online tools to expand your AdSense reach. There are many ways to make money with AdSense. As long as you are consistent and you follow the advice of experts who have come before you, you should be able to earn quite a nice living just from Google AdSense revenue alone.

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