Tonight’s LIVE Show: WordPress 3.0 & Your Small Business Marketing Blog… To WordPress Or Not To WordPress?

I give out no cost help and marketing advice on my LIVE show every Tuesday night. Since it’s Tuesday… that means I’m live TONIGHT!

Tonight’s big question is about the upcoming release of WordPress 3.0. If you haven’t heard about WordPress: You’ll REALLY need to tune in because WordPress is probably the single most important tool you can use in your online promotion & marketing. Now WordPress is about to release a brand new version… version 3.0 and you really need to know about this! This new version has some amazing new features. Stop over and say hello when the show goes live & find out about the newest of the new when it comes to WordPress 3.0 & online marketing:

It is TONIGHT at 6:30 PM Pacific Standard Time / 9:30 PM Eastern Standard Time! Since I’ll be live helping people like you improve their marketing online you’ll really want to tune in:

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One thought on “Tonight’s LIVE Show: WordPress 3.0 & Your Small Business Marketing Blog… To WordPress Or Not To WordPress?

  1. and WordPress 3.0 v. interesting too… imo Thelonious rocks… by the way WordPress 3.0 is out Joomla 1.6 is in Beta3 Drupal 7 — Alpha5 (expected Beta soon) exciting times for php open source CMSs yehhooo

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