Attention All Affiliate Marketers… Epic Traffic Systems: Affiliate Program / JV (Joint Venture) Worth A Look

Wanted to get you out a quick heads up that could
be worth a big pile of cash for you in just a few weeks
from now. If you’ve ever promoted affiliate programs for
income you’ll want to pay close attention…

I just found out about the June 15th product launch of Epic
Traffic Systems
, by Keith Baxter, Jon Shugart, and Joey Smith,
and wanted you to see the insane stuff that these guys are
doing for their JV partners.

The buzz about this launch is already everywhere, and from
what I’m hearing, most think it will go down as the biggest
product launch in internet marketing history.

And based on what I just saw on the JV Invite Page, I don’t
doubt it!

The product itself is going to be epic, but so are the commissions
and affiliate prizes!

They are paying out $1,000 on every sale.


Then there’s the prizes at stake…no one has ever done anything
like this.

In addition to individual prizes that include everything from electronics
to motorcycles, to cars….

They are renting a private island…Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island,
for an all expense paid, 5nt, tropical networking party for the Top 10
affiliates!! Now that really is EPIC!

This is why you need to check this out asap, and jump on board.

One simple email to any prospective affiliate that you know could
result in some serious bank for you come launch day.

Every big player on the planet is jumping on this one…

Get all the details on the product, the participants, payouts and prizes….
and position yourself fast for the bonus Tier 2 commissions by getting other
affiliates that you know on board…

…by signing up at the JV Invite page here:

This is truly going to be an epic event!

You can thank me later!

Talk soon,

Bill McIntosh

PS: Here’s the link again to join the affiliate program:

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