Tips On How To Network With YouTube

YouTube is the largest video sharing site online that earns hundreds of millions of daily hits. Would you like to earn some of that traffic for your business? The good news is that it is easy and free to upload your videos to YouTube. It’s also very easy to make videos that will go great with the YouTube crowd. However, you must learn how to network on YouTube effectively if you hope to succeed. It’s not difficult to network on the site, you just have to have the know how. To help you out, here are the top YouTube networking tips straight from the experts.


Engaging Content

The first order of business is to create videos that people actually want to watch. This will depend on your niche and your audience, but through all your market and competitor research you should have some idea of what your audience is into at this point.

Before we get into any tips on how to properly network with YouTube, you should be creating videos that offer:

  • Knowledge: Teach your audience something they didn’t know before. Give them a reason to watch your video from beginning to end.
  • Entertainment: Make your viewers laugh or just engage them with a good story. Your audience will appreciate the moment of levity in their hectic lives.
  • Advice: If your viewers are facing a tough decision, help them make that decision with a great video.
  • News and Updates: Keep your viewers informed with the latest happenings in your industry and with your business.
  • Professionalism: You don’t have to be a master video producer to make an impact with your viewers, but you should spend some time editing your videos so that they are polished and professional. Your audience will appreciate the fact that you took the time to make your videos top-notch and they will respond by subscribing to your network.


Subscriptions. That is the key. Viewers know a good video when they see one, and they know a good channel. Reward your audience with good videos and they will keep coming back for more.


SEO YouTube Networking Tips

To increase the amounts of traffic you earn to your videos, you need to make sure they are ranking prominently in the search engines like Google and Bing. Make sure your keywords are in the title and in the video descriptions. Make your SEO efforts informative and appeasing to search engine bots and you will rank prominently for your keyword terms.

Ok, now we have traffic coming to your videos. We want to capture that traffic and we want to make sure that the viewers who do watch your videos are always informed when a new one is published.


Email Marketing

To effectively network on YouTube, you need to gather information about your viewers. Placing an opt-in box on your YouTube channel or on its own squeeze page that is linked to from your channel is a good way to keep tabs of your fans. Send out a newsletter each time a new video is published and you will gather more traffic each time you publish a new one.


Interactive Videos

Once you have traffic coming in and your subscriber list is growing, you may want to introduce an interactive video. This is where you speak to your audience. You might ask them questions, you might ask them to submit their own videos or create a video response.

For example, you might publish a video of you speaking to the camera, asking your viewers to send in questions regarding the worst experience they’ve ever faced with your type of product. You will then publish a new video discussing those experiences, where you will then lead into the fact that your product is far superior to all others.

The idea is to get your audience to interact with you. You want to get them involved. This builds a relationship with your audience that will only increase your YouTube networking list and potentially your sales. That is the end result, isn’t it? The more hits you get on your videos, the more views you get and the more subscribes you get to your channel and email list, the more traffic your brand will experience. This can only spell great things for your bottom line, which is one of the prime reasons why experts use YouTube networking to begin with.

If you consistently publish great videos and you let your audience know that you appreciate them, by editing your videos and polishing them up and then by interacting with them and letting them become part of your marketing process, it is then that you will learn the true value of YouTube marketing.

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