The Basics Of Split Testing

Split testing is a tactic used by Internet marketers to improve conversion rates. Essentially, split testing allows an online marketer to test and thus improve all of the marketing materials in a particular campaign to make the campaign perform better. The process of split testing isn’t difficult, but it can be time consuming. If we could give any advice to you when learning the process of split testing, it’s to have patients. Allow the results to generate before you move on to subsequent tests. Beyond that, have fun and enjoy the process, as you will be split testing a lot, particularly if you want remain competitive and on top in the field of IM. The following is a basic run down of the process of split testing so that you can increase your conversion rates and earn your spot in the top ranking of the world of Internet marketing.


What Is Split Testing?

Most people refer to split testing as A/B split testing. This is where you will take a small sample of a marketing piece, maybe a sales page, an autoresponder, an ad or anything else and you duplicate that piece but change one small aspect. So, if you have an ad, you might change the title on one of your duplicated ads, leaving the other title the same.

So now you have two ads that are identical in every way except for the title on one of the ads. You will then send an equal amount of traffic to each ad, during the same times of day and same days out of the week to see how well each one performed.

If more people click on the ad with the altered title, then your split test has been a success. Change the title, duplicate the ad and change another aspect. What you’re after is the perfect ad or the perfect sales page that includes elements your audience is more likely to respond to. That is the basic idea behind split testing and you can likely see how important such a test would be for increasing conversions and expanding one’s business.


Have Patience

This point cannot be reiterated enough. Many online marketers, especially beginners, will watch their traffic levels like a hawk, day after day, looking for an answer to the split test equation. They are so ready to move onto the next level of testing that they don’t give the results time to process on the current test being ran. Don’t mess up your results by being too impatient to wait for conversion rates to improve on their own. It’s best to just let the double ads or double squeeze pages or whatever else you’re testing just sit there so that you can determine the results over two or three week’s time.


What Does Your Audience Respond To?

This is the basic question that all Internet marketers ask themselves when they set out to create an online marketing campaign. Most of the time, this answer is based on guesswork with a lot of research thrown in. This is why we rely on split testing to tell us what we need to change in order to increase conversion rates.

As an Internet marketer, you owe it to yourself to split test every one of your campaigns, from titles to keywords, to images and everything your audience may be exposed to. This is the only way to truly get into the minds of your prospects and customers. Effective split testing that has been left alone to work is the only way to truly know where your individual marketing pieces need to be improved. Most people would spend lots of money to know that information. Good thing for you, split testing is free.

You must first engage in it if it’s going to work, however. So get started. Pull up your ads, your squeeze pages, sales letters and autoresponders and start duplicating and changing one aspect. Once you have those elements in circulation and you start sending an equal amount of traffic to them, you’ll start to see which elements your prospects and customers most respond to. Keep this up, and you’ll have your answer to higher conversion rates.

Imagine how much you could sell or how much you could earn if you split tested every one of your Internet marketing campaigns until you came up with the secret to sky-high conversions. That’s the power of split testing and that’s why it needs to be used by all online marketers hoping for record-breaking sales.

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