The Value Of Video Marketing With The Power Of YouTube

If you’re not using video marketing along with your other marketing efforts, you are holding back your success. With the popularity of online video these days and the fact that video marketing works to exceptional degrees, that statement can be said with a certainty. Your business needs video marketing. The great news is that you don’t have to be an expert video editor to create engaging videos. You don’t have to be a Spielberg or Lucas or even a Matt Stone or Trey Parker. Instead, you can use one of the multitude of online tools, some paid and some free, that will help you develop online videos quickly and easily. You can then publish those videos to YouTube, the most popular video sharing site the Internet has ever seen. You can probably tell where this is heading. With an engaging video and the massive audience of YouTube, you’re about to take your business to new heights and beyond. However, you must tread carefully. Your videos must really pop if you hope to gain all the benefits, including traffic, leads and sales provided to you by effective YouTube video marketing.


Why YouTube

If you ask any marketer’s advice on where you should upload your videos, they’ll mention YouTube nearly every time. Google owns YouTube and just as Google owns search, YouTube owns video.

Consider these statistics:

  • 1 Hour of Video is Uploaded Every Second
  • 9 Months Are Uploaded Every Two Hours
  • A Decade Of Video Footage Is Uploaded Every Day
  • A Century of Video Is Uploaded Every 10 Days

With 4 billion video videos every single day, it’s easy to see why YouTube is the chosen platform for serious video marketers.

That is not to say that YouTube is the end all/be all of video marketing platforms. You will definitely want to share your videos on other video sharing sites, like Vimeo, once you are finished uploading them to YouTube. YouTube should be the foundation of your video marketing campaigns. Once all that traffic starts rolling in, you’ll understand why.


A Word About Suggestion And Hypnotism

Have you ever walked in on children watching TV. No matter what it is, a cartoon or a Disney animated movie, they will sit transfixed, hypnotized even. For anyone with kids who watch these movies, they’re often watched over and over. Soon, the kids begin to mimic the songs, the sayings, the characters’ mannerisms, etc.

And it’s not just kids. Adults, too, can easily become transfixed and hypnotized by the television. You could have a room full of people and if the video on the screen is engaging enough, the entire room will sit there, eyes glued to the screen, their mouths agape.

TV, advertising, marketing and movie executives have long known about the hypnotizing effect and the power of suggestion that video has on human beings. That’s why everything you watch these days, whether it’s on YouTube, on TV or at the movie theater, has some sort of advertisement attached to it. The power of suggestion is strong when you can’t take your eyes off the screen.

This is the power of suggestion that you will use in your own videos. For this to work, you must provide engaging videos that your audience will respond to. For this to work, you must know your audience and your subject matter inside and out. You must then focus in on a problem your audience is facing. Your video should then provide your audience with a solution, or at least point to a solution (Click this link to learn more).


Solving A Problem

Let’s say you own a pool cleaning business. You know that your audience is comprised primarily of homeowners who have, up until this point, conducted DIY pool service. They have yet to hire a professional and you’re trying to earn their business with your professionally made videos.

Your videos should then focus on signs it’s time to find a professional, it could show common mistakes homeowners make when they conduct DIY service only and that’s just two ideas. Think outside the box, get to know the questions your audience is asking and you’ll have plenty of subjects for future videos.


Creating Videos

Technology is so amazing and widely available today that anyone can produce engaging, professional and entertaining videos for little or no money. And since most mobile phones these days are coming complete with built-in HD video cameras, you can whip up a professional video in just a few hours. You can film footage, make slides in PowerPoint if you want any type of animation, you can download a free or low-cost video editor to splice everything together and you’ll have a complete video that’s ready to upload to YouTube, which of course can be done easily in just a few minutes.

You will want to optimize your videos for the search engines using your keywords and your local address if you are indeed a locally owned business. As long as your videos resonate with your audience and you keep making them and publishing them regularly, you will soon see all those video views turn to website traffic, which will then turn into new business and hopefully plenty of sales.

There’s a reason so many marketers choose YouTube video marketing as part of their business Internet marketing efforts. It just plain works, period.

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