The Solution to Duplicate Content

Noone likes searching for something on the internet and seeing multiple sites with the same information on them. So to improve the users’ experience, Google is very hard on those who post duplicate content, their own or stolen from others.

So how do you find out if your content is unique? How do you know if your writers are writing original articles or just copying and pasting someone else’s? You now have a tool to find this out for you. It’s called Plagium. is a very simple tool. You enter a paragraph into the field, and it finds out if it’s unique or not, shows you how many times it’s been used, and where it’s located.

When you’re the one writing, it’s easy. You know when you’re creating original content when you write something yourself. But as you expand as a business and get others to help do work for you, it’s tougher to keep track of this. So now you have a tool that makes this easier, and ensures that your website content is original.


One thought on “The Solution to Duplicate Content

  1. Very interesting article. It sounds like Google is the defender of original work! Thanks for sharing. I think our web manager at work might be interested in this.

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