The Benefits Of Beefing Up Your Onsite SEO

Onsite SEO is the search engine optimization work that you do on your website. That much might be apparent. What’s not so apparent is what you will get out of beefing up your onsite SEO efforts. Will your results really be that much different by spending a few hours supplementing your work with more meta data, more keywords and more high-quality content? The answer is a resounding yes, but before we get to all of those benefits let’s discuss what beefing up your onsite SEO efforts really means.


Onsite SEO

Let’s look at a few of the basics of onsite SEO so that we’re all on the same page.


Meta Title: This will be put into the internal code of your website and will be used by the search engines to identify what your page is about. This is why you should include your keywords in your Meta Title. Don’t make the title too long. Get your point across using your keywords and save your extra words for your meta description.


Meta Description: Your meta description should entice search engine users to click on your meta title. As you can probably deduce, your Meta Title and Meta Description are what search engine users see when they pull up their keyword-induced search results. Your Meta Title will tell search engine users what your site is about, but your description will entice them to click. This is why your description should use your keywords, but it should also be carefully worded so as to sound as tempting as possible.


H1,2,3 Tags: Each of your pages should have your keywords included in your H1, H2, H3 tags and all other prominent text tags. When you write your content, your H1 tags will be your title, your H2 and H3s your subtitles and subheaders and so on.


Keyword Enriched Content: Your content should be informative and useful for the reader. Don’t just put words on your page and stuff your keywords in there somewhere. Instead, carefully word your content to include your keywords and synonyms and related keywords. For example, if your keyword is leather futon, you might choose leather couch or leather sofa to mix it up. The search engine spiders/crawlers are incredibly smart and can analyze your entire site’s content to determine what your site is about and how relevant it is to users. Make sure your site passes muster for search engines and human readers if you hope to get the onsite SEO boost to your site and rankings.


Optimized Multimedia: Your photos, videos, flash animation and all other elements should be optimized using Alt Tags. These also tell search engine spiders/crawlers what your site is about. Not only can including alt tags give your site an SEO boost, but your images and videos will show up in Google Image and Video search, and other image and video search engines. These two searches alone can allow you to tap into entire new target markets simply by including alt tags as part of your onsite SEO efforts.


Internal Linking: Once your content is written, go through and start linking your web pages together using your keywords as anchor text. Don’t go crazy, but make sure each page is linked with another relevant page (as it relates to the keyword you are using) and you’ll get a boost in the rankings for sure.


Boosting Your Efforts

You now know what to do to boost your onsite SEO efforts. If you haven’t done all of the above, complete them now and wait for the search engines to respond. This could take days and it could take weeks, depending on your site and what it’s about. However, if you put all of these elements in place and you make sure that your content is top-notch and useful for users, you’ll see just how beneficial onsite SEO can be.

You’re not done, unfortunately. Part of onsite SEO includes posting fresh, highly-optimized content. This is why it’s beneficial to keep a blog where you can include your H-tags, your alt-tags for video and multimedia that you post with each entry, and of course there’s the high-quality content that comprises each blog entry.

If you have rock-solid onsite SEO efforts and you can post great quality content that is always optimized for the search engines, you’ll soon dominate your competition and you’ll remain in that top spot for some time to come.

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