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30 thoughts on “Thank You For Signing Up!

  1. Thanks Bill for wanting to help people. I have an online movie store that seems to be dead in it’s tracks.I wonder if you would take a look at it and tell me what to do to get this beautiful site producing as it should? I don’t know the first thing about traffic or how to send it to my web site and then monitor it to know what it is doing .My phone number is 479-268-6056 and my Skype is tommy.pruitt34 if it’s not too much trouble,I would appreciate it very much thanks in advance. Tommy

  2. Hey Garry,

    Sorry for the late reply, I was just looking through old comments and ran across yours.

    What have you done in affiliate marketing exactly? Let’s start with that.


  3. Are you able to pay for one-on-one mentoring? That can be terribly pricey, which is why I created this blog! I am hoping that the content will serve as a ‘mentor’ get get people started and successful in IM.

  4. Hi Bill,
    Thank you for what you do for others, and am needing to start Affiliate Marketing but do not know where to start, can you help me as I have played around to long with out success, listening to others who not taught me the right way but not saying names, As they know who they are because I have told them to delete me from their lists then they asked me for feed back which I obliged.

    Thank you, in Anticipation. Garry.

  5. Do you think Google adwords really work? I just sign up and spent $150 with them and got no sales. What should I do to get my website going? I only had one customer please help

  6. Hi Bill, just wanted to say that this months Marketing Insights was great. You always over deliver. I just want to say that I owe much of my current and future success to you. Thanks for all you do..

  7. Hello Bill

    I just found out your site, I believe the nature for helping others is great blessings. At present I am in the process of getting training for developing affiliate marketing and I am satisfied with the company.

    I sincerely appreciate your efforts and sooner than later once my site is established I will contact you for sure, why because I need help, and I will do the same, as I believe every mind is created to be creative.

    Have a great day with your family!


  8. Hi Bill, I just stumbled onto your site after having signed up and paid $50 to some people who don’t even have a site yet and whose employee lied to me to get me to sign up. The gentleman who called me apologized and said she was no longer there, but it makes you a little skittish about their company. Do you have people under you who you help to be an affiliate for Amazon, etc.? I am on soc.sec.and desperately need enough to live on.

    Mary Ann


  10. I am happy to be here. I am indeed hungry and confused but I believe that can change by following the tips you ve provided in your site. I ve not started doing anything cos i ve sought online marketing but my problem is guidiance. I will appreciate if you send me tips regularly via my email so as to start making cash as soon as possible and I will always update you of my progress. Thanks a lot. you are doing a great job. see you soonest

  11. Bill, as always the information and content you deliver is over the Top… this months issue literally gives anyone who can google a term and extract the information and apply it to their marketing endeavors can profit, Thanks again for the awesome content that you continuously provide… if you haven’t taken advantage of the different memberships that Job Crusher offers you are really missing out…

  12. I need to be working online and earn MONEY can you help me Sir, I am from Tanzania

  13. Howdy
    1. At what point of numbers of visitors to your website per day does one dare to ask ‘advertisers to advertise’ on my blog?

    2. What would you say is the possibly optimal volume/proportion of the website content:??
    video player % , audio[interviews] %, photos % and text/articles % ?

    3. Do you or any of your bloggers responding have a clue and would be brave to suggest/recommend a video [film] editing program in the cost range of 60$?

    [My YouTube channel name is same as my URL’s]
    Thanks in advance/WhiteRockReporter

  14. Bill, I am thinking of starting a blog… Some thing that I think will start people going to my web sight.o you make money when you get a lot of People going to your sight?

  15. Hi Bill,

    this’s peter from China, a building glass sales man.

    Any good ways to let more people know our website and company?
    main products including tempered glass, insulating glass, laminated glass, frosted glass, silk printing glass etc.

    what should i do?


  16. I am brand new at all of this. My website is new too. I am a new author as well. The site started as a way to promote my book. It still needs work. I have tried to use adsense before and was not able to paste the html codes onto my pages in the past ….just gave up. I have amazon ads on my site. Is it ok to do both? I suspect that the same way that I put amazon ads on my site is the same way with adsense. Right? So what do you think…can I do both on my site?