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Right-click the link below to download a copy of my new monthly publication on Internet marketing – Marketing Insights. It will provide you with all the latest information on Internet marketing.

Here’s the latest issue of Marketing Insights:

Marketing Insights Issue 18

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33 thoughts on “Marketing Insights Download

  1. Great! i have really been looking for this kind of information, i dont know how often i will get it but, it will certainly change my life. Please dont forget me!

  2. Always look forward to your teachings and this is no different. I haven’t gone through the whole PDF yet but what I’ve read is all quality info. You’ve helped me to build a business that is getting better all the time and I know that I will be able to live comfortably soon off what I’m doing.
    Not only am I building an offline mobile business, but also an online business. It’s been a long road but having mentors like you have made the trip so much easier.
    thanks for all you do,
    Morris (Murph) Murphy

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for the pdf! I particularly like the section on video marketing, so I went thru that first. But everything else looks juicy too, so I know what I’ll be doing for the next couple of hours – reading and absorbing all the info you’ve packed into this edition.

    By all means, keep up the good work, and I’ll be looking forward to more of your wisdom. Thanks again!

  4. Wow! What an incredible resource! This Marketing Insights contains such a wide scope of knowledge and strategies that anyone who reads it will get value from the info!

    Just one item (about mail segmenting) solved a problem that I didn’t even know I had. This is a very useful guide with dozens of “gems” that don’t just tell you “what” to do but exactly “HOW” to do it. Bravo and thank you Bill McIntosh.

  5. hi bill
    thank you so much for your help . i m still beginner and i really appreciate
    theena from morocco

  6. Thanks for this great content – marketing insights. I will read them and
    I hope to use these tactics and tips in practice.

  7. Wow that is loads of actionable content Bill, Thank you. Maybe I should stop buying Shiny Objects and just use that material…. I’d likely be further ahead.

    Maybe you could start a Recovery Group for those of us with SOS (Shiny Object Syndrome)

    Thank for a great read now I have to put some of it into action.

  8. Hey Badger Bill! I absolutely love your Marketing Insights, and use the issues as reference material. You so rock. But I think I missed a few issues over the year – is there any place where we can access back issues?
    Cheers, Michaela

  9. Hey Garry,

    Welcome to the club! It is a crazy but fun lot, these Internet marketers. And we like to make money along the way. Read up, then put into action what you’re studying as soon as you can.

    Drop in from time to time and say ‘Hi’. ok?


  10. Hi Bill,

    I’m new to all this, and look forward to reading all about Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing:

  11. Hey Bill,
    I have implemented Rob’s Blogging to the bank techniques in my Blogs and it works great. I building my list now and would like to continue build larger list.
    Thanks for the newsletter.

  12. I need you help, I’m unemployee, and I need to make money, pleae can you contact me as soon you little time, I really appreciate the.



  13. Hey Bill, it’s Ryan from the original show & VIP crew. It’s good to see you putting out stuff like this again. I really miss those go ole broadcasts. I haven’t been keeping up with the JobCrusher stuff (too busy working on my own projects) but will for sure try and follow you here. Take care Bill, see you around and hope all is well!

  14. Hi Bill, I subcribed to your feed from your Marketing Insights email. I noticed you didn’t mention anything about Pinterest, nor did you have a Pinterest page listed in your email. You may want to look into this new and powerful marketing tool as well. It can provide new and highly sought after content to your newsletter as well. If you like my fb page You can go to my Pinterest link to find out more. Thx in advance and I appreciate your content. Feel free to inbox me on FB on some powerful tools and How to’d you can use as well. CW

  15. David: I’m still part of the “JobCrusher Crew” & we’re growing faster than ever. I just decided to start putting out more content myself personally. I miss interacting with everyone who used to attend my live shows & talked to me on this blog. So you’ll be seeing more of me over here on my blog.

  16. Hi Bill

    Big thanks for this — really great over delivered content. More of an ebook than a newsletter!

    Really like the article marketing section as there is an awful lot of conflicting info flying around about this just now. In particular I always thought that it was essential to have your site content re-written if you were going to submit to article directories. Shows how much I know!

    This would be easier to get through (and maybe easier for you to produce?) if you did it as a video. Just a thought…

    Thanks again — looking forward to the next one.

  17. I’m very impressed with your newsletter Bill! Great content and LOTS of tips and tactics I will be using immediately with my marketing efforts.

    Thank you!!!!
    Linda Ferguson