Submitting To BlogCatalog: Is it worth it?

I’ve just submitted my blog to It’s a great site and submitting your blog there helps to get traffic and a little “link love” from the search engines. If you’ve got a blog I recommend you go there and submit it now. While you’re checking it out you should rate my blog:

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10 thoughts on “Submitting To BlogCatalog: Is it worth it?

  1. I just submitted my site to blogcatalog just a few moments ago. I’m still not sure if it would help my blog but since its pretty much easy to join in, then I guess its okay. =)

  2. BlogCatalog has recently updated to remove the nofollow attribute, thereby contributing to page rank. Also, I submitted a new blog to blogcatalog and it generated 4 uniques on the first day. This is a result of starting a couple of discussions and joining a group. Participating in blogcatalog may or may not be worth it. I will have to see going forward how it works out.

  3. I have spoken now to two people who paid for sponsor listing in BlogCatalog. They were not informed that their link would be no follow. A better question would be what is BlogCatalog saying to it users by using this attribute? That they don’t trust any of the links in their directory. rel=nofollow is a really poor way for BlogCatalog to treat their members who are linking to them.

  4. I don’t know…

    I have a French blog registered there…

    It’s true, they do not pass any PR… Secondly, their linking methode is doubtful (using an internal link + javascript redirect).

    I agree with Bill that PR is a bit outdated but when Blogcatalog appears in first position for VERY specific keywords (like “peperuka collage”), just above my blog, then I say a big “NO NO NO”.

    I am just wondering why Twitter, Technoratti and BlogCatalog are all above my blog when doing specific search…

  5. Hi Rose,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    You’re right that BlogCatalog doesn’t pass PR (Pagerank), but increasing PR is not the only value of a link.

    I personally ignore Pagerank. I’ve even uninstalled the Google toolbar from all the computers I own.

    I have a LOT of websites and they vary from PR0 all the way up to PR8. I’ve not found any correlation to the PR of the site versus rankings and traffic. There are many other factors that are far more important.

    There is a lot of controversy around nofollow links and exactly how they effect your site. I personally believe they nofollowed links still pass on “link love” in that they help your site get spidered and increase it’s ability to rank well.

    I’ve also seen a decent amount of traffic directly from the BlogCatalog link. So I definitely feel it’s worth submitting to them.

  6. On your advice I did go and submit my blog. I have seen more traffic since I signed up so I appreciate your free advice on this!

    I gave your blog a 10!

    Keep up the great work.

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