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split testing will help conversion rates for any business onlineYou’ve decided to use the content management system WordPress as the backbone of your online marketing campaign. Good for you! WordPress is a fine choice. It’s easy to use, fully customizable and, best of all, it’s free! If you want the ultimate success, however, it’s not enough to just begin a campaign on everyone’s favorite CMS; you need to truly own your campaign if you want to be successful. This means you should leave nothing up to chance. You should put your all into every aspect, thus allowing you to harness the full power that WordPress offers. The following tips will help you take command of your WordPress campaign so that you can reach the goals you’ve set for yourself.


Setting Up Your Home Operation

When you register your domain and install the WordPress CMS to establish the beginnings of your WordPress campaign, you are essentially setting up your home operation. This is where all the action will be coordinated as your WordPress campaign progresses.

First, set up your website with all the pages you’ll need to entice new customers to your operation. This includes a Home page where you will give new visitors general information about your business, an About page which goes further into depth about your operation, a Services page that includes all of your offerings, and a Contact page with your phone number, address and email address.

Choose light and inviting colors, dark text with plenty of space between paragraphs and make sure there’s at least 300 words per page; and that the information is valuable to new visitors. Once your WordPress site is set up, we can start customizing it for your WordPress campaign by installing a few plugins.


SEO Plugin

For your WordPress campaign to gain traction, you’ll want to get noticed in the Google (and other search engines’) search results. A search engine optimization plugin that does everything for you is just what the doctor ordered, and for this we are going to use All In One.

Set up All In One with your meta data – title, description and image tags, the keywords you’ll use for your internal linking structure and everything else the plugin asks for.



Next you will want to set up a blog with your WordPress campaign that contains valuable information your audience will crave. The search engines will also prominently rank you if you publish often and ensure that every post contains unique information.


Social Stickers

The Social Stickers plugin will allow you to prominently display your social networks right on your WordPress website. You can include stickers for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or any others you have profiles to.


Facebook Like Box

While you’re at it, get the code from Facebook and include your Like Box on your WordPress site by putting the text into a widget in one of your site’s sidebars.


Follow On Twitter Button

Now visit your Twitter profile, if applicable, and find the Follow on Twitter button. This will allow your website to have even more social media clout.


eMail Management

In a moment, we’re going to establish the techniques for getting your WordPress campaign off the ground. Until then, you will want to have a system in place for capturing any leads you send to your site via social media, your blog and other means. Mail Chimp is one example, and there’s even a Mail Chimp plugin that’s designed just for WordPress. You can capture email addresses in order to send out regular newsletters and other communications. Email marketing is terrific for brand engagement and sending out regular communications will keep your business fresh on the minds of your audience.


Putting Your WordPress Campaign All Together

The foundation of your WordPress campaign is now complete. Start writing quality blogs about your services and about news and updates regarding your industry, and start writing newsletters that you will begin to send out the moment you start collecting email addresses. Then, start posting on your social media channels. Keep your posts short, relevant and unique in your own brand voice in order to attract the attention of your social media using prospects.

Do not gauge your progress by your traffic just yet. Just keep a system going and keep a firm hold on all of your operations right from your WordPress campaign dashboard. If you put the effort in and you sustain the effort even when the going gets tough, you will become the master of your WordPress campaign and your success will show it.

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