Now Hiring: Affiliate Manager To Recruit & Activate New Affiliates

I think there might be a chance we could work together…

  • Are you skilled & comfortable calling people on the phone & convincing them to do things?
  • Do you have experience in the world of “Internet Marketing”?
  • Would you like to telecommute & work from home?
  • Would you like working with my team and I?

If so, you should apply to become my next affiliate manager!

We’re getting swamped over here & it’s time to expand my team. So I’m hiring a new affiliate manager to help expand my rapidly growing set of products & services in the Internet marketing niche.

I need someone who is completely comfortable aggressively recruiting affiliates, guiding them on how to promote my Internet marketing related products / services & getting them to take action.

The ideal applicant should at least know Internet marketing basics, have excellent communication skills & have no problem following instructions. You’ll also need to be a “self starter” & be able to manage yourself remotely since you will be working from home & not in my office.

To Apply:

Head over to the Contact Bill McIntosh page, choose the option “To apply for a job” & send me a detailed description of why you feel you’re right for the job along with any specific information you can provide on your knowledge & experience in the Internet Marketing niche. Also let me know your desired compensation. Be sure to copy & paste a resume at the end of your submission if you have one.

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