ATTENTION: Affiliates & JV Partners… Get INSTANT Christmas Cash From Me!

I’ve got 2 important pieces of news for all affiliates and JVs of Contest Burner that you’ll REALLY be happy to hear about…

Newsflash #1 – INSTANT Holiday bonus cash announced:

Contest Burner is now an evergreen product that you can continue to promote forever! I’ve increased the price and optimized the sales funnel even more. Affiliates are now seeing higher than ever earnings per click! If you haven’t signed up to promote yet, do it here:

Sign Up To The Contest Burner Affiliate Program

To celebrate Contest Burner going “Evergreen” I’d like to offer you instant cash bonuses ON TOP OF your regular ClickBank commissions! I’ll Paypal you $25 INSTANT bonus cash ON EVERY UNIT SOLD within 48 hours of you doing a promotion. This is IN ADDITION to the 50% commission Clickbank will be sending you on top of my bonus!

This is a VERY LIMITED TIME promotion for the holidays and expires soon so you’ll want to plan your promotion right away. Here’s how it works:

Step 1:
Start your promotion immediately. Below is a sample email to make it easy. Then contact me & let me know when you’ve promoted.

Sign Up To The Contest Burner Affiliate Program

Step 2: Email me anytime between now & 12/22 confirming how many units you’ve sold and request your payout. Also let me know how you’d like to be paid (Paypal or check). My accounting team will contact you immediately and we’ll instantly send you the bonus cash.

I’ll send you money instantly & you can even use the cash in time for buying Christmas presents! How’s that for holiday spirit?!?

This offer EXPIRES on 12/22/2010 so if you haven’t promoted and sent me your confirmation by then you’ll no longer qualify for the bonus cash and the offer expires.

Sign Up To The Contest Burner Affiliate Program

Newsflash #2 – We’re now processing bonuses from the launch:

If you promoted during pre-launch and qualified for a prize, a cash bonus or free copy of Contest Burner: my team will be in touch this week and get you taken care of.

I hope you’re having an AMAZING holiday & I’ll be contacting you soon because if you’re an affiliate or JV partner, I want to send you something special. So stay tuned!


Just change "yourclickbankid" to your own ID & you're
all set.

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To your success!


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