Never Give Up!

I’m feeling like a honey badger today. So just a quick thought for you…

NEVER give up because something is causing you trouble, not working or is frustrating. NEVER give up if someone says you can’t, or you shouldn’t.

Only change your action because your own good sense & logic dictates that you should adjust your course & try a different approach.

And only “quit” when you’re certain it’s the right thing to do and not based on some momentary upset.

Mr. Churchill said it nicely:

33 thoughts on “Never Give Up!

  1. Very inspiring and motivating words. Life brings us surprises often but when passion and motivation are stronger, of course quitting is not an option.

  2. Hey Bill,
    Yes I agree. It’s stickability for me. Letting those shiny objects distract me in the beginning but recognizing I was making a big mistake not to focus and commit on only ONE at a time. Well hear I am again to choose again. another chance, and God Bless the one’s who give up and good luck in this economy. They just don’t realize what they had with IM, but thanks to them the one’s who stick it out have less competition with more rewards for they were more committed and dedicated, ……us..
    To Our Success,
    Will Nesbit

  3. Hey Rhiannon,

    When she was asked for a good quote for Internet marketing she said:

    “You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it”.
    Margaret Thatcher

    Ok, maybe she didn’t actually say that in regards to IM, but if she was asked for an IM quote I’m sure it would be something along those lines! 🙂

  4. Thank you Bill. Now that Baroness Margaret Thatcher has passed on, did she leave any words of wisdom?

  5. Hi Bill,
    Wise words. Especially the quote from someone, who many see, as the greatest Briton of all time ( if only he was still around!)
    I’ve spent much of my life being a quiter and you don’t need to be a genius 2 know where that’s got me. Anyway,enough’s enough I’m sick of being the quiter it’s my turn to be the winner the succeeder.
    Yes I know it’s not going to be easy and I know it won’t happen overnight, but it WILL happen my faith and determination will see me through oh and the job crusher training of course 🙂
    Anyway thanks Bill

  6. It’s true never give-up well I hadn’t, not yet, but life as been hard on me.
    but some time’s you need to re;group or life back together, and only you
    can do that. but it’s also good if you have friend’s & family to help you when
    you’re needed.but that leave that alone now. but never ever quit you might
    not come back, then be alone p/we need you. for now that all I’m goto say.
    one more thing, I belive and learning no matter how old you get, and
    every put smile on your face because I sayso. angel

  7. The thing I’ve learned over the past couple of years & this has stopped me from giving up many times & that is: “there are no problems, only challenges”

    Simon Templeton – internet & social media consultant

  8. Thanks, Honey Badger! Or is that really a picture of Winston Churchill above? True story: my grandfather died of pneumonia on the same day my uncle was headed home with penicillin to help him. They both were doctors, and it wasn’t on the market yet. My uncle went on to lead the first medical team into Dachau, after Germany’s surrender. Was my uncle a hero for the lives he helped, or at fault because he wasn’t quick enough to save my granddaddy? We never know where our efforts will carry us, so giving up is no option!

  9. Hi Bill,
    You are spot on – When you give up, you ONLY let one person down – yourself…!!! I have left the IM business several times – out in the real world, with a stupid management, a stupid job, and a stupid salary…. ONLY to return to the IM world again because I really love it and especially all the lovely people in the IM world 🙂
    I now help great people become successful marketers in my training membersite at and it gives me so much joy to help and push people onwards in their business.

    I’ll never let my self down by giving up again – Never !

  10. Great timing Bill… problems are gifts that prepare us and teach us the skills we need to handle what lies ahead. Something I’ve learned is to take some time, get away, and to think objectively about what to do next – sometimes it’s easy to get discouraged (or to follow the wrong path) when we’re in the middle of the forest.

  11. A Scottish farmer saves a drowning boy’s life, but refuses a reward from the boy’s nobleman father. The nobleman then offers to provide an education for the farmer’s son. The son grows up to become Sir Alexander Fleming, the discoverer of penicillin. Years later, the nobleman’s son is stricken with pneumonia but saved by penicillin. That nobleman’s son is Winston Churchill.
    This is a myth, but it points up Bill’s willingness to help and the potential that help holds. I gave up and sold out my Wal-Mart stock. Huge error. I gave up and lost my marriage. This next business venture will be a keeper. Lots and lots of hard work but in the end bountiful rewards. Thanks, Bill.

  12. Goals are a funny thing… they have the power to make you feel inspired and when you achieve them it feels amazing. But the opposite is also true: Nothing frustrates me more or makes we want to throw in the towel than a disappointed goal.

  13. When people give up they forget about what they are committed to and most of the time what we are committed to doesn’t feel so good until we have accomplished our goal. Great post Bill.

  14. This is important Bill! Persistence is the name of the game .You may need to take a break here and there, step back and evaluate what you have learned or encountered . but then get right back in there and move forward!

  15. It isn’t about quitting or just plain giving up. It is more dealing with the information overload, unfinished projects and hard lessons learned. I always believed and still do that you can be down but not out. There is that light at the end of that tunnel somewhere that carries and holds the hope of the future. Believing in the self is the strongest and truest ally one can have.

  16. Hey, Just got your email to come and see your post.

    Nice little inspirational post there. Thank you for sharing it.

  17. Never give up, right now I am looking for angel investors and I can’t quit now that I have my vision it drives me.


    Edward A.

  18. Great Post Bill, Keep the value coming… I will look around and see what else you have to offer… feel free to check out my spot.


  19. Just what the doctor ordered. It has been one of those weeks…. great timing.

    Just reminded me how I managed to win when others said I could not…. through perseverance and sometimes flat out stubbornness.

    Time to suck it up and kick a$$.

  20. At fifty years of age and the co/author of a book. I set out to learn about internet marketing, now three years later im’ still at it. I had gleaned enough knowledge to launch a couple of web sites and a few business friends of mine asked me to help them with theirs. We are about to launch our own on-line venture with with Contest Burner and i am anticipating a success in promoting our unique e-book, paperback and audio soon to come. We will face setbacks, but they do not have to define you.
    Define yourself and never give up:-)
    So Bill thanks for the reminder to never give up!

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