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If you want to become a successful Internet marketer, you could do worse than to emulate the experts. These are the men and women who make thousands upon thousands of dollars a day engaging in various Internet marketing campaigns. That’s right, a day. Would you like to make that kind of money?How To Video Blog To become an Internet marketing master, or to at least position yourself as one, you can start with how-to video blogging. Choose your subject, get your facts together and be prepared to educate and entertain your audience.


Why How-To Blogs?

There are several reasons why video blogging is effective. These include:

  • Video is Engaging: People tend to become hypnotized by good videos. Make your how-to video blog as engaging as possible and your audience will always watch to the very end.
  • A Great Way To Teach and Explain: Some people like to read how-tos, but many more like to be told and shown what to do. How-to video blogs are kind of like having your own personal teacher right on your computer screen. If your video is different and effective, your how-to video blog will be considered valuable and it could go viral.
  • You Can Set Yourself Apart: This is key when creating how-to video blogs. You can’t just regurgitate the same information and expect to receive a ton of views. Why would anyone watch your video when they watch someone else’s or read the same thing somewhere else? The trick is to be creative, to think outside the box so that you can present the same information or similar information in a completely different way. Do that in an engaging and entertaining manner, and your how-to video blogs will be successful.


Choosing Your Subjects

When choosing your subject for how-to video blogs, really get into the minds of your audience. What problems are they facing? Are they having trouble getting traffic to their sites? Do they need tips on how to write engaging articles and blogs? If you can provide viable solutions to your audience in a blog or video blog, you’ll get far more reads and views. This is exactly how you should choose your titles for each of the video blogs you create.


Research Online Forums

Want to find a treasure trove of how-to blog ideas? Head on over to any popular forum in your niche and start paying attention to threads created by forum users who are desperately looking for solutions to their problems. Whether the niche is weight loss, acne, or studying for the SATs, there is a forum out there and forum users who are desperate for answers.


Outlining Your Video Blog

Since your video blog will involve you speaking and teaching your audience various lessons, you should outline what you plan to talk about. Right now you may only have the primary problem you want to solve. “How To Optimize Images For The Search Engines,” might be one of your titles.

At this point, you will want to do plenty of research. Try to find the experts in your field and see what solutions they come up with. As you’re doing this, try to process the information and see if you can come up with another way to present it.

You may decide to come up with a multi-step method to help explain the how-to, or you may come up with an allegory that will entertain as well as teach the lesson you’re trying to get across. As long as your video and lessons are different than all the other how-to video blogs out there and you spend time making sure your videos are professional, you will find success with your audience.

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Filming And Editing

There is no one way to film a how-to video blog. Some marketers film themselves in front of a white screen and the whole video is them explaining the lesson in real time. Some use animation and words on the screen to help explain as they narrate using a voice-over. And some have a mixture of both on-screen talking and visual aids.

You are only limited by your imagination, your equipment and your video editing skills. Anyone can use a modern cell phone or hand held camera and film themselves talking, but you want your videos to be as professional as possible. Use a tripod to keep your camera still, use video editing software to cut out any dead air, to add music and to add graphics to the screen. You will want to let your audience know where to go when your video is finished, such as your business website URL.

If you follow these tips and you choose subjects and titles that your prospects and customers are truly hungry for, you will become an Internet marketing master using nothing more than how-to video blogs.

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