Master Your Viral Marketing Campaign

A viral marketing campaign will make a far greater impact on your audience than a non-viral campaign ever will; between 500-1000 times greater, to be exact. You probably already know this. That’s why you put your all into every marketing campaign you create in the hopes that it’ll go viral. Yet few marketers are able to consistently create viral marketing campaigns. You can optimize your efforts and learn how to master your viral marketing campaign. That means that you should take the best advice from the best marketers and convert that guidance into the next viral marketing campaign that takes the world by storm. Here is some of that advice to get you started.


1. Neutral Is Not The Way To Go

If you want to become master of your viral marketing campaign, you must learn to evoke emotion with every campaign you develop. Many marketers try to keep an even keel to their messages in the hopes of pleasing every person they target. Just put your message out there. If people love you, that’s great. If they hate you, that’s great too! If you can make them laugh or cry or rage beyond belief, that’s even better. Becoming master of your viral marketing campaign oftentimes means playing your audience like a musical instrument. If you can bring out those emotions, you won’t have to do a thing. Your audience will spread your message far and wide on your behalf because they’ll want their closest friends and family members to feel what they felt. That’s the power of viral marketing and only emotion can unlock that motivation in people to share and spread your crucial marketing message.


2. Don’t Be So Predictable

If you do what everyone else is doing, it’s going to be very hard to stand out as a viral marketer. Try to mix things up by going above and beyond what everyone in your audience expects. Instead of promoting your latest video, why not film yourself (or a paid actor) trashing it for thirty seconds? Make it funny and really scathing and you just might have a viral marketing sensation on your hands.


3. No Advertising Allowed

In order to master your viral marketing campaign, you need to erase your product, your company and your ego from the equation. Instead, tell a story and try to bring out that emotion we described earlier. If you are going to promote your latest product, promotion or goings on with your organization, be subtle about it and never make it the focus of the overall viral marketing campaign.


4. Capitalize On The Sequel

What does Hollywood do the moment they notice that they have a blockbuster on their hands? They make a sequel. Hollywood loves sequels because audiences love them, and the same goes for viral marketing campaigns. Once you notice that your campaign is taking off, start planning the follow up campaign that takes advantage of your newly found fame. You just might create a copy-cat scenario that brings you far more attention and that allows you to master viral marketing campaign creation.


5. Tell Your Audience To Share And Make It Easy

Viral marketing wouldn’t be possible without the ability to share the various elements involved on a massive scale. Use strong calls-to-action that convinces your target audience to share your viral marketing campaigns on social media channels, via email, on online forums and via apps on their mobile phones.


6. Comments Make The Connection Possible

When you finally master your viral marketing campaign, you will learn to connect with your audience in a whole new way. This becomes possible in the comments section of YouTube, your blog, on Facebook and anywhere else comments are allowed. When one of your prospects asks you a question or leaves a comment, be sure to respond and be as helpful as possible. This will help form a bond that could help you spread future viral marketing campaigns just as far or even farther.


7. Keep Your Viral Marketing Campaign Open To Everyone

It may be tempting to force your audience to opt-in to receive your latest viral marketing ebook, but beware. Restricting access like that can keep you from earning those high numbers that you hope to achieve after you master your viral marketing campaign. You’ll want to keep your campaign open to anyone with an Internet connection, anyone with a Facebook or Twitter and anyone with a YouTube account. If you hope to become a viral marketing master, you’ll need to provide unhindered access to all those who may be interested in the message you’re spreading.

The search engines are paying more attention to social metrics and more people are sharing content on social media than ever before. This means that it just might be the optimal time for you to master your viral marketing campaign by following the above seven tips so that your message spreads like wildfire.

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