Host Your Own Weekly Webinars

A webinar sets a date and time, not just a landing pageIf planned and executed properly, a webinar is one of the most effective ways of promoting your products, services and overall brand. With a webinar, you essentially have your very own captive audience. It’s not like a blog or an online article, or even a landing page where people can come and go as they please. With a webinar, there is a set time and place and your audience members had better show up if they want the goods. It’s exclusive, it establishes you as the go-to person in your field, and it’s a great way to sell out of your inventory once the presentation is complete. Many marketers plan webinars once every few months, and some less often than that. Yet the following will show you that you’ll get much farther and make far more of an impression on your target audience if you host your own weekly webinars.


Plan Series Well In Advance

If you hope to host your own weekly webinars, you’ll want to start planning the first few sessions right now. A webinar isn’t really something you can plan, practice and become prepared for in a week. It takes at least that just to get the subject matter finalized. For this reason, you’ll want to plan your webinars far in advance. Have a long list of subjects you want to cover and plan each webinar to a T – preferably for a few months out. After all, you’d hate to have to postpone one of your webinars because you were at a loss as to what cover or talk about. If you prepare ahead of time, you’ll be able to focus on more important matters, such as marketing and increasing your weekly attendance rates.

You may think that planning each of your webinars is time consuming, and it should be. The subject matter and content of your weekly webinars need to be top-notch if you hope to fill the house every night. This is the time to give it all you’ve got, to pull out the big guns and prepare subject matter that really rocks your audience members’ socks off. What kind of subject matter are we talking about?

You could always go with top tips, methods for making processes simpler, or safety advice; it really depends on your niche and what your audience is interested in. As long as every webinar is hard-hitting and comes complete with expert advice by you (or someone from your team), you’ll be able to host your own weekly webinars and have each one be a raving success.


Frequent Reminders

Don’t let your target audience ever forget what you’re doing. They should be well aware that you host your own weekly webinars, and they should be told every few days on Facebook, through email or on Twitter. Don’t be intrusive, but let your potential audience members know that your weekly webinars are coming up; and make sure you tell them exactly what to expect.

To help keep your social media and email webinar reminders from becoming annoying, why not throw a tasty morsel in with each one? Maybe include a tip, a funny anecdote, a joke or something relevant and topical. You may find that your audience members begin to look forward to your messages. That’s a great way to get them on the hook.

It should be noted that your audience members should never have to guess what day your webinars fall on. For simplicity, you should try to keep them on the same day, such as a Saturday when most people aren’t working. Of course, any day can be effective, as long as your prospects don’t have schedule conflicts that keep them from attending.


Incentives For Showing Up

When you host your own weekly webinars, you’ll want to think about ways you can keep your audience members consistently showing up for each one. You’re always going to have that one prospect that thinks he’s seen one of your webinars, so that means he’s seen them all. Webinar fatigue can also set in, especially if your webinars are too similar to one another.

To prevent these types of obstacles and more, have a handout to give your audience members, or include a different theme with each webinar to keep your presentations fresh and unique. Or you may try both. The idea is to get your potential attendees looking forward to your webinars. “Did you see what Fran did with her last webinar? I wonder what she’s going to come up with this time?”

Keep your audience members guessing and you’ll never run out of attendees, even when you host your own weekly webinars on a regular basis.

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