Last Weeks Show Recording: Video Marketing, Increase Your Video Views & Website Traffic

I’m posting this a little late.  The below recording is for last weeks show.  Since it’s already Tuesday my show is on again live tonight. So don’t forget to tune in at 6:30 PM Pacific Standard Time over on

On last week’s show I covered how to increase your YouTube views with some of the same techniques I use on my own videos.  I also show you how to convert YouTube viewers into website visitors.  Getting people off of YouTube and increasing website traffic is really the key.

I also took live calls and answered several very good online marketing questions. I even gave one caller a live critique of his AdSense website.  I’m doing these live free shows to help people use the Internet to grow their businesses.  It’s the only time you can get help and consulting from me without hiring my team and I do marketing consulting.

So without further delay, here’s last week’s show:

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