Adsense Marketing & Affiliate Marketing: Recorded Training From My Live Show

A few weeks back my live show covered the topic of using Google AdSense & Affiliate Marketing to earn an income online.  I did some live training and gave out marketing tips that apply not only to people doing AdSense marketing or other kinds of work at home type business, but these tips also apply to any sized business.  The same basic marketing principals apply.

The second half of the show I took live questions over the chat and my call-in line.  Some greate questions were asked (and some great answers were provided I hope)

Watch the video below to see the entire broadcast:

Resources discussed during the live show:

Market Research Strategies:

By keyword:


Market Samurai

You can look for high paying AdSense markets or high paying CPA markets like insurance, mortgages, real estate, hosting, etc...

You can also look for high volume markets that are easier to get traffic, but harder to get top money. Example types of high volume markets: Celebrity, Pop culture & Television related

Use Google trends to research these.

These markets have lower cpc payouts & lower per lead payouts but can still be profitable since it's easier to get traffic.  Test using CPA offers like Zip submits & email submits on these kinds of markets.

Browse commission junction & CB for new products:

Just search Commission Junction & ClickBank for the newest products and test promoting the ones that look like they'll convert well.

Getting Started with AdSense & Affiliate Marketing:

Once you've picked your 1st market: go to Hubpages and create 2 or 3 hubs on this market.  Get links to them.  Then Sign up to AdSense via Hubpages.

Build your site:

Use WordPress installed on your own domain name.

Make sure you set up these pages: privacy policy, about us, contact us, terms of use & google sitemap. Here's a: Terms Of Use generator (not lawyer reviewed). Here's a: Privacy Policy Generator:

Use your keywords in your titles & body of your posts

Submit to blog directories

Get links

Only after your site has content and is indexed in google then put adsense or affiliate offers.

Test various affiliate offers and track which is converting better. promote it more.  Remove non converting offers.

Build a list: use aweber

Signup to: webmaster tools and submit sitemap:

Ad placement:

Determine up front what the purpose of your website is & stick with this purpose from top to bottom.  Including how you place your ads.  Some questions to ask yourself on ad-placement:

  • What is the user trying to accomplish by visiting my site?
  • What do they do when viewing a particular page?
  • Where is their attention likely to be focused?

Take a look at: Google's own guide on where to place your AdSense ads .

BASIC Google Adsense rules:

For tonight I'm assuming no blackhat stuff. Everything I'm going over is 100% whitehat and shouldn't get you into trouble.

Focus on Google's AdSense TOS they're the most strict. Also: REVIEW webmaster guildelines

Further data:


Sign Up To These Affiliate Networks I Mentioned:

9 thoughts on “Adsense Marketing & Affiliate Marketing: Recorded Training From My Live Show

  1. Hi Bill,its khalid here from the UK.I have a question regarding the CPA offer sites.You mentioned CPA offers that allow people to enter their ZIP code etc.. I was told that we get paid for people just entering their ZIP code etc.. So what CPA sites do these kind of offers?



  2. Thanks Khalid! Building free organic traffic can take some time. if you target the right keywords and are persistently posting to your blog it can ramp up in just a few weeks, but some people don’t see good traffic for up to three months depending on their overall strategy. That’s why I like to run paid advertising to brand new sites while I do my SEO campaigns and wait for them to kick in.

  3. Hi Bill,I really enjoy your trainings but please could you tell me how you drive a lot of traffic to your sites and how long did it take for your site to start getting big traffic?


  4. My ads have totally dissappeared on one of my blogs, allthough there are thousands of searches for the term that my blog is about – my Adsense account is still active and my ads do work on other blogs, just this specific one. Very weird. I’ve checked the code and it’s still fine…

  5. HaI’ve considered the plainly simple ways the big G thinks. The truth of the thing is that while a spider looks at your page countless times, it still takes a ton of due effort on your part to get a website to become intriguing to the big G. This just adds to my knowledge of SEO!

  6. WowI hadn’t never thought the ultimately simple ways the big G worked in. The matter is that even though it “indexes” your page numerous times, it still takes a tonne of due effort on your part to get a page to become intriguing to the spiders. This will add to my knowledge of search engine optimization!

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