How To Make Your Tweets Count

always look for new techniques for effective tweetsAre you looking for more effective ways to reach out to your audience on Twitter? The microblogging platform is popular with brands, individuals and celebrities, to name a few, and it seems that everyone is tweeting away with increasing regularity. This results in a sea of tweets that can make it difficult for your audience to discern your tweets from all the others. As a brand, you should always be looking for techniques to help you write more effective tweets. The following tips will help your tweets stand out amongst the crowd so that you can get the most return from your use of Twitter.


Shorter Tweets

Recent studies have shown that the most effective tweets are incredibly short. In fact, Buddy Media, a social media research firm, found that shorter Twitter messages (under 100 characters) resulted in a 17% higher engagement rate than their longer counterparts. Keep it short and sweet for best results.


Where Are The Links?

Whenever you send out a tweet, make sure to include a link. Recent reports have shown that the most effective tweets are those that include links. Include a link with your tweets and you’re more likely to be retweeted by others – up to 86% more likely in fact.


using Twitter from 8 to 7 is the keyTwitter Is Best During Working Hours

If you want to create more effective tweets, you might want to pledge yourself to tweet between 8am and 7pm. Tweets sent during that time have engagement rates 30% higher than those sent during the evening hours. That means that your audience is probably using Twitter while at work – which is great news for you.


Don’t Forget The Hashtags

While hashtags are hot on Twitter, they should be used sparingly. Research has shown that hashtagged tweets are twice as engaging, thus you should choose fitting hashtags for more effective tweets. Don’t use too many, however. Tweets with three or more hashtags aren’t as engaging as those with only one or two. This will depend on your audience, of course. Try a varying amount of hashtags with every tweet you send and see how your audience reacts.


Be Relevent

The most effective tweets aren’t necessarily the most interesting, compelling or witty – they are merely relevent to the conversation. Give your audience a reason to follow you. Make sure you put the theme of your Twitter account (what your tweets will primarily be about) in your Twitter bio. You don’t always have to stick to a common theme, but you should around 80% of the time. The more relevent you remain to the conversation, the more engaged your audience will become.


Don’t Give Away Too Much Too Soon

The most effective tweets are those that bring a little mystery to the table, particularly when the Twitter message contains a link. This will take some getting used to at first, but try to keep your audience guessing as best you can without being dishonest. You might ask a question instead of providing the answer, which your followers will have to click the link to find. Be honest, don’t give everything away at once and you’ll find yourself writing more engaging and effective tweets.


Help More Than Inform

Tweeting articles and blog posts will help to keep your followers informed, but if you want to write more effective tweets you will try to help your followers, not merely keep them in the loop. Try to offer tools that your followers can use to help them solve goals and mitigate problems. Your Twitter messages should always inform, but if you can manage to help your audience succeed with actual tools they can use, you’ll have the art of effective tweeting down pat.


be real on Twitter, not a robotBe A Person Using Twitter, Not A Robot

Too many Twitter users send out tweets that are monotone or almost robotic in nature. There are no opinions, no emotion, no humor or commentary. If you want to learn to create more effective tweets, be an actual person. Your followers don’t want to follow a robot using Twitter, they want to follow a person who is interesting, who has a personality and who makes them laugh and ponder. Be a person, not a Twitter automoton for much better results.

Follow these tips and your tweets will surely stand out amongst the competition. Twitter users are increasing in number and the number of tweets that are sent out on a daily basis has exploded. If you hope to make an impact with your followers, you need to highlight your messages against all others. If you follow these tips based on the latest research, you will earn more quality followers, those followers will engage better and faster and  your Twitter competitors will likely end up following your lead, as they wonder just what on earth you’re doing different.

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