How To Create Your Own Crowd Drawing Webinar

Are you looking for a way to boost traffic to your online marketing campaigns and/or offers? Are you looking for an effective way to spread your message far and wide and to all corners of the Internet? It sounds like you need to host a webinar, my friend. Webinars are one of the most effective means for gaining traffic and exposure and, if you play your cards right, you have a great chance of gaining a healthy and loyal following. This is webinar marketing. Stay tuned, as you’re about to learn the tricks of the trade from the webinar masters that will help you find success with this lucrative marketing technique.


3 Webinar Marketing Myths Debunked

Before you get started planning, preparing and hosting your own webinar, it is important to dispel a few myths that have been rampant on message boards across the Internet.


Myth #1: I need to be technically proficient to host a webinar.

Truth: This is false. Many of the programs required to host a quality webinar are free and easy to use. Even if you just started using the computer yesterday, chances are you can figure out how to record a winning webinar.


Myth #2: You need money to host a successful webinar.

Truth: While paying for top programs will certainly stack the deck in your favor, the truth is that there are many free open-source webinar marketing programs you can use. Even the programs required to create your slides and other webinar marketing materials can be made with free or low-cost programs. You can host a webinar on any budget as long as you find the proper tools for your needs.


Myth # 3: Webinar marketing is only for the experts.

Truth: Do you have extensive knowledge about the subject matter in question? Well then you are an expert. If you hope to establish yourself as the authority figure in your niche, you had better start believing that you are an expert. No, that’s not correct. You are THE expert. Believe it and your audience will start believing it, too. If you mean do you need a PhD in the subject matter to host a successful webinar, the answer is no. Anyone who knows a lot about the subject can host a successful webinar, as long as it’s planned and prepared properly.


Planning Your Webinar

Now that we’ve dispelled those awful myths, we’re going to plan our first webinar. When charting out your webinar marketing campaign, you will want to leave some time for extensive webinar research and planning. This is going to be the base on which your webinar will be based on, and you know that every successful venture needs a strong base.

This means that you need to pour into the subject at hand, read all you can find, watch online videos and learn as much as you can about the subject in question. You’ll also want to come up with your own angle.

That’s what your webinar viewers are ultimately tuning in for. They want to hear your unique take on the subject. They’re looking for something new, something they’ve never heard before. After all, that’s why they’re taking the time to register, show up and sit through your webinar to begin with. Don’t let your audience down.


Competitor Research

If you want to create webinar marketing masterpieces, follow the experts. Start subscribing to various webinar marketing gurus’ newsletters and attend a few webinars, preferably in your niche. Even if the webinar isn’t tailored to your specific subject, at least you’ll be able to see how an expert structures an effective webinar presentation.



To increase your chances of a flawless presentation, you must plan to the ‘T’. Here are some ways you can plan for an effective webinar marketing campaign.

Advertise In Advance: The webinar marketing experts advise that you announce your webinar to the world at least six weeks before launch day. This gives you time to research, plan and prepare, which will ensure a successful webinar that goes off without a hitch.

Effective And Reliable Webinar Marketing Tools: You will need various programs in order to host a successful webinar. You’ll need a good screencaster if you hope to record the images on your screen, a good webcam if you plan to host a face-to-face webinar, a platform for hosting the webinar and then you’ll need a way to have your participants register. Search for the top programs that webinar marketers use and read lots of reviews until you come across the most reliable in the industry.

Practice Your Script: You won’t want to stumble when you’re talking to your audience. For this reason, you’ll want to practice your script until you’ve memorized the tone and structure of your webinar backwards and forwards. If you take the time to commit your script to memory, it will become like second nature to you, allowing launch day to go off smoothly as planned.

Create Your Slides: Slides are an effective way to present valuable information to your webinar marketing audience. Use PowerPoint or a similar program to craft slides that are visually appealing and that offer information that is useful and easy to digest in the time allowed.

Time Your Webinar: Speaking of time allowed, you should go through a few practice runs of your webinar so that you know when you talk, when to present your slides, when to give the audience a break, and so on.

Plan For Disturbances: Webinar marketing experts always plan for the unexpected. They may have backup software or hardware on hand in case of failure and they may even have a backup speaker in case they suddenly catch a case of laryngitis, for example.  You never want your audience to suspect that anything is wrong. And furthermore, you don’t want to hold up the action. You want to give your audience the most important information possible in the shortest amount of time. Plan for any disturbance and you’ll accomplish your goal as a webinar marketer.


Hosting a successful webinar is not difficult. As long as you have conducted extensive research and as long as you’ve planned accordingly, you’ll undoubtedly have a successful run as a webinar marketer. Just remember to give a unique take, to market early and often and to have confidence that you are the expert in your field. Do all that and you will succeed in this lucrative game known as webinar marketing. Your audience is waiting.

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