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A new study came out recently showing that Twitter has reached 500 million users. It’s clear: everyone loves Twitter. This is great news for you, the Twitter marketer. Once you know where your audience is, you can target that audience with targeted marketing materials. That sounds good on paper, but you must tread carefully. The reason Twitter is so popular is because it is a community where people go to share thoughts and ideas. They don’t go to Twitter to be sold to and they certainly didn’t go to receive any spam. So how do you handle twitter marketing so that you can crack into this veritable cornucopia of prospects and customers? You do it by being social on the Twitter social network.


Twitter Marketing In A Nutshell

Marketing with Twitter is not for the impatient. You cannot go out there and bombard your audience with sales Tweets. It just won’t work and you’ll get banned before you even get your Twitter marketing campaign off the ground.

Twitter marketing is all about attraction marketing. You have to make the prospect come to you through your valuable Tweets. That’s the key word: valuable. Your Tweets must offer some type of value for the person reading them, whether that’s humor, information, tips and tricks or anything else. Your tweets might contain nothing but Pinterest images. The point is, don’t just tweet to tweet. Tweet messages of substance and force your prospects to take notice.

Your Twitter profile, then, is where most of your Twitter marketing efforts are going to be focused.


Your Twitter Profile

When you entice your audience with your valuable Tweets, they will inevitably click on your profile. Give your profile a professional appearance by adding a high-quality photo and fill your About Me and other sections with information your prospects and customers might like to know about your company, what you do or anything else they may like to know.

And whatever you do, make sure there is a link to your website or sales page or any other landing page. Once your Twitter profile visitors click-through to your offer page, that’s when you’ll want to start selling to them with your sales copy, sales video or whatever else you have waiting for them.

So the idea of Twitter marketing is not to sell on Twitter, but to attract them with your high-quality tweets until they click-through to your website where you can sell to them on your own territory.



Twitter marketing, like most forms of marketing, involves establishing your authority in your niche. Let’s say that your company sells and markets baseball equipment for little league teams across the country. You don’t want to tweet “Little league baseball equipment half off!” twenty times in a row. You’ll likely get blocked and/or banned pretty quickly. Sure, you may get a few people to click on your link and you may even get some to buy, but most are going to overlook your tweets and deem them spam before they ever give you a chance.

A better idea is to market your services by appealing to the interests of your primary audience. In this case, our primary audience consists of little league coaches, parents and others who may have a decision in buying the equipment. Your tweets should then be tailored to those individuals.

So your Twitter marketing campaign might involve tweeting Little League highlight reels, top scores, news about the industry and equipment, and anything else those parents might be interested in. If you do your job correctly, the people clicking on your Tweets will start to remember you and your account. They’ll know your Tweets because they’re always on-point and useful in some way. That’s when they will click on your profile to learn more about you and that’s when they’ll want to visit your website to learn more.

Before you marketing with Twitter, you must remember one very important piece of advice.


Have Patience

Successful Twitter marketing takes time and it takes lots of patience. To establish your authority over your audience on Twitter, you must be dedicated to becoming part of the community. You must commit to posting regularly and you should make an effort to get to know others in your niche. Send out messages introducing yourself. Don’t sell to people, just let them know that you’re part of their community and you’re always here to help. Then, start sending out your valuable tweets.

Soon, people will start to recognize your tweets and, not long after that, they’ll start visiting your profile. That’s how you market with Twitter. If you’re committed and dedicated and you have some great ideas for some valuable and useful tweets, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a Twitter marketing expert.

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