How Running A Google AdWords Campaign Can Boost Your Company’s Revenue

If you want to give your company a professional boost online, you should always have at least one Google Adwords campaign in rotation. If you aren’t currently running a Google Adwords campaign, you may wonder what’s really in it for you. The following will show you just how effective Google Adwords can be at boosting revenue in a very short amount of time.


1.       More Exposure

This is the obvious reason to begin a Google Adwords campaign. The more ads you create, the more people will potentially see and click on your ads. That means more websites visited, more products sold and more revenue for your business. Just placing ads won’t automatically bring a rush of new sales. You must know what you’re doing, but if you get the basics down you will see that a Google Adwords campaign is one of the best ways to generate more attention and awareness for your brand, products and services.


2.       Complete Control

Google Adwords gives advertisers a lot of leeway with their ads. You can create image or text ads, ads with or without borders, you can choose and bid on the keywords you want and you can set daily account limits so that you don’t go broke overnight. If you are vigilant, this control will allow you to continuously tweak your Google Adsense ads until you find that winning combination that always brings the goods.


3.       Keep To Your Budget

You’re not going to make much money with Google Adwords if you continuously go over your budget. Luckily, running a Google Adwords campaign is now easier than ever because you can track your spending every step of the way. And of course there’s also the aforementioned Daily Limit function which has saved many marketers from losing too much too soon.


4.       Targeted Traffic

Getting more exposure is one thing, but making sure that traffic is highly targeted means everything. That’s exactly what you get when you’re running a Google Adwords campaign. When you take the time to do the proper keyword research and when you study the analytics to make sure your ads are always performing, you’ll know that all the traffic coming in is targeted for your specific niche. The people who find your products and/or services through Google Adwords are trying to solve a specific problem that only you can solve. Those are exactly the type of customers you want when you’re trying to boost revenue, and those are the exact customers you’ll get when you run a successful Google Adwords campaign.


5.       Geographically Specific

If your customers are geographically specific, you will undoubtedly boost revenue by running a Google Adwords campaign. Adwords will let you choose exactly where you want your ads to show up. Search engine users in that area will see your ads, as well as website visitors where the websites are Adsense enabled. This will bring in more targeted traffic and you won’t have to waste any clicks on areas where your products/services don’t perform well or where they aren’t needed.


6.       Just The Right Times

You can also dictate exactly which times you want your ads to appear. This gives you tremendous control that can really boost revenue if used correctly. If you notice that your traffic usually comes in on Saturday and Sunday mornings, you might want to have your ads show prominently at those times. Again, you won’t be wasting clicks on needless traffic and you’ll be able to streamline your Google Adwords campaigns so that they perform just as you want them to, when you want them to.


7.       Analytics And Testing

If you hope to boost revenue with a Google Adwords campaign, you’ll want to check your account analytics often. This will allow you to see which elements of your ads are working. You should also test your ads, rotating different ones out, changing slight elements to see which ones are needed and which ones need to be changed, and other practices to ensure that you are always improving. Your audience has certain needs. Learn what those needs are, provide the solutions and boosting revenue will become a given.


8.       It Works

The bottom line is that if you want more targeted traffic and you want a boost in revenue the likes you’ve never seen, running a Google Adwords campaign is in order. Learn the basics, continue to improve by studying the analytics and consistently testing your Google Adwords campaigns and you’ll soon join the group of successful Adwords advertisers. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll soon see that advertising on Google’s PPC platform isn’t as complex as it first seemed, and it can actually be a lot of fun once you learn exactly what your audience responds to. Of course the boost in revenue always helps, which will come in spades if you play your cards right.

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