All You Need To Know About Google AdSense

Webmasters, are you getting ready to tackle AdSense, but you’re not sure if you’ve got what it takes to make a real income? Don’t worry. Becoming successful at it doesn’t require a doctorate in marketing and it certainly doesn’t take years of experience. You can become successful at AdSense by learning ten simple basics that will have you making money from Google’s paid online advertising platform before you know it.


  1. Disguise Your Ads: The best ads don’t look like ads at all. When people search for content, they’re not looking for ads, they’re looking for great content. If you can manage to make your Google AdSense ads look just like your website, you’ll find your audience responding with much better click-through rates.
  2. Forgo The Image Ads: Image ads look flashy and you’d think that they would appeal to most people. However, text ads always do better than image ads. One reason is because people assume that the text is part of the document they’re reading so they’re more likely to click-through. Another reason is because image ads just look too much like an ad. People assume they’re being sold to when they see an image ad and that turns a lot of people off right away.
  3. Skip Ad Borders: Some webmasters like to place borders around their ads because they think that this will help their ads really stand out. That’s not the case, however. Borders make the ad look like an ad and it all harkens back to the first tip. Make your ad look like your website and you’ll experience much better results.
  4. Keep Ads To A Minimum: If you have too many Google AdSense ads on your website, you might distract your audience too much. When that happens, you might end up with a high bounce rate and a big goose egg in AdSense revenue. Instead, think minimalist when it comes to AdSense ads and you’ll have a much bigger impact, and you’ll likely make much more money.
  5. No Fake Traffic: It can be tempting to cheat in order to get thousands of hits daily, but don’t do it. Google AdSense is very strict about this fact: no link farms or classifieds to promote your ads. That’s a great way to get Google Slapped and outright banned altogether.
  6. Duplicate Your Results: Once you are successful with Google AdSense on one website, the first thing you should do is start working on another. If you can duplicate your success over and over across multiple websites, you’ll finally start earning an income like the bigwigs do.
  7. Quality Content Is A Must: Your website visitors didn’t click on your website to click on ads, they came for information. When someone searches in the search engines, they are looking for content. Give your website visitors that content and make it good. Your content should always be better than your competitors if you hope to succeed with Google AdSense. If you can’t create the content yourself, consider hiring someone else to do it.
  8. Help Google AdSense Help You: Make sure Google knows which ads to place on your site. Your content should be search engine optimized and you should also use on-site SEO techniques like inputting Title and Meta tags so that all of your ads are always on-point and relevant to the visitor’s interests. If the search engines are confused as to what your site is about, you might get crazy AdSense ads that don’t make any sense. Good luck making money with Google AdSense if that happens. This is one of the most critical steps that must be mastered if you are to make an income with this lucrative advertising medium.
  9. Use Site Maps: Site maps help search engines like Google find each page on your website. This will help the search engine bots crawl each page, which will rank it accordingly and will also put relevant ads on each page when you set up Google AdSense. Site maps can also help human visitors find each page, which in turn can also help them find your AdSense ads.
  10. Put Yourself In Your Visitor’s Shoes: When your Google AdSense ads are all set up, this is when you should take a look at your site and decide if you yourself would click on any of them. Would you click-through or would you immediately know it was an ad and pass it up? If you can see through the eyes of one of your visitors and then still decide to click on one of the ads, you’ll know you’ve done your job as a Google AdSense expert.


Put these ten Google AdSense tips to work the next time you set up a website and watch the revenue start rolling in.

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