Go Forth & Tweet!

You’ll really want to pay attention because today’s the final day to win ContestBurner prize entries!

Today at 3PM Pacific / 6PM Eastern (and various other times around the world) I’ll be doing my first annual reverse birthday LIVE show where I give you all the presents. Since I’m now turning 21 years old (What’s the matter? Don’t believe that?) I decided what better day to end the contest and hand out the prizes!

So act fast! Go forth and Tweet, Facebook & Youtube your contest links for ye only have hours left to go!

Comment, rate, subscribe these videos for bonus points:


(You should post a video response to those & you’ll get a whopping 25 bonus entries!)

Here’s a quick link to enter the contest if you haven’t already. It will send you to a page where you can do 1-click posting to Twitter, Facebook & dozens of other sites:


You can also just send any Tweet on Twitter & just use the @contestburner reply or use the contestburner.com domain in any link and you’ll get bonus points for every Tweet.

The other way to earn bonus points is by commenting on the Comment Burner blog. Feel free to comment & earn yourself some points right now:


Thanks for taking part in the contest.

Good Luck!

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