Create Your Own Mobile Marketing Campaign To Add To Your Success

A report recently came out that stated that over 50% of Americans have a smartphone. If you are interested in creating a mobile marketing campaign, now is the time to do it. Never before in the history of the world have companies and marketers had such immediate access to their audiences. If you want to engage in successful mobile marketing, the following tips should get you started.


Mobile Research

You cannot launch a successful mobile marketing campaign until you’ve conducted the proper research. Hopefully you know your audience by now. If you don’t know your audience, you can learn about them by gleaning information from Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. You can also peruse popular forums in your niche to discover what questions your prospects are asking and what problems they’re facing. This will provide you with all you need to know to get your successful mobile marketing campaign started and off the ground.

You should also study your competitors. What campaigns are they putting into place? Which keywords are they using? Once your research is finished, you will be ready to begin your first mobile marketing campaign.


Banner Ads

If you want to start simple, you can start with banner ads that show up on your customers’ mobile devices when they browse certain web pages or use certain apps. Banner ads are great for beginners because you can easily test your ads to determine what’s most effective and there’s not a lot of commitment. If the ads don’t work, you can just take them down or change them up. This wouldn’t be so easy if you had a full-fledged offer complete with squeeze page, opt-in and more.


Squeeze Page

Internet marketers everywhere know that the money is in the list. Successful mobile marketing is no different. By publishing a mobile squeeze page complete with opt-in, you can collect your prospects’ and customers’ contact information, namely their phone numbers. This will allow you to put your mobile marketing campaign into overdrive with SMS marketing.

Just as with regular Internet marketing, you will want to create a free offer that your audience will be interested in. This will entice your prospects and customers to give up their contact information because there’s something in it for them. Make sure your free offer coincides with their interests and helps them reach their goals somehow. A free e-report, e-book or video series should work nicely.


SMS Marketing

SMS or text message is a great way to market to your audience. When you gather the phone numbers from your audience, you should let them know that you will be sending them occasional marketing messages. Don’t call them marketing messages, of course, but let them know that you will be giving them updates, news, tips and tricks, advice or anything else they may be interested in.

Never, ever, abuse their contact information. If you start sending offers that they’re not interested in, they’ll unsubscribe faster than you can say ‘successful mobile marketing’. Instead, be the authority figure and help your prospects and customers. That’s how a mobile marketing campaign is supposed to be run.


Videos And Multimedia

People love watching videos and looking at photos on their phones. Make sure that the multimedia you use is compatible with all mobile devices. YouTube is good for uploading videos as most phones can play YouTube vids no problem. If you are using photos, make sure they are the right size for small screens. As long as the media can be seen clearly, you’ll be amazed at how these types of mobile marketing campaigns can really ramp up traffic and sales.


Test, Test, Test

As with all marketing campaigns, successful mobile marketing relies on testing. Are your buttons large enough for small screens? Are the buttons spread apart far enough for people with big fingers? Does your audience prefer one ad over another? You can only discover these types of things if you test your mobile marketing materials and you test them often.

This is one of the biggest mistakes mobile marketers make. They assume they know their audience and they assume that their marketing materials will always reach their mark, but oftentimes these non-testing marketers leave tons of money on the table.

Don’t be one of those marketers. If you want a successful mobile marketing campaign, you will continuously test your banner ads, squeeze pages, multimedia and even your offers until you know exactly what makes your audience tick. You will want to test colors, web copy, the sizes of all of your campaign elements and everything else that’s included with your mobile marketing campaigns.

With enough testing, you’ll soon know exactly how to create successful mobile marketing campaigns that always reach their mark. Your audience is waiting with mobile device in hand. Give them what they want and you will always prosper.

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