Caution for Affiliate Marketers

If you are an affiliate marketer, you need to be aware of unethical/unscrupulous marketers. They often offer easy, fast and huge payouts. But their business practices are unethical. And they are giving affiliate marketing a bad name.

These companies will promote a product or service, take the consumer’s credit card information, bill them exorbitant fees monthly and make it nearly impossible for them to get requested refunds or stop the service. Sometimes they pass on the credit card information to other companies and add additional charges for additional services or products that the consumer knew nothing about. So what started as a small one-time charge turns into hundreds or thousands of dollars of unexpected debt for the consumer.

Google has been working very hard to rid the internet of these fraudulent companies, and they are having success.

But you, as an affiliate marketer need to pay attention to what you’re promoting on your own websites, so that you don’t unwittingly get caught up in this yourself.

Here’s the clip where I went over this point on my live show. For more information, stop by every Tuesday at 6:30 pm PST. Get your questions answered and get the help you need to create a successful online business.


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One thought on “Caution for Affiliate Marketers

  1. Affiliate marketing is great if you have your own products especially and others sell them for you!
    The only thing that’s bad about this is that so far I have seen mostly very poor traffic from affiliates… slightly better than PPC search engine traffic…

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